Five Years Old Moxa Roll Moxa tube acupuncture massage for slimming &  beauty stick Moxa Moxibustion 18x200mm 10pcs / box

Five Years Old Moxa Roll Moxa tube acupuncture massage for slimming & beauty stick Moxa Moxibustion 18x200mm 10pcs / box

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Five Years Old Moxa Roll Moxa tube acupuncture massage for slimming & beauty stick pure Moxa Moxibustion 18x200mm 10pcs / box

Featured senior moxa five years Chen productionIt can be used inMoxa box,Dragon tank, You have to sell

Specifications : Φ18 × 200mm

Quantity: 10 / box

Ingredients: aged leaves and the like.

Application: warm and cold carminative , qi meridians , blood and pain, Sun lift depression , tonic solid off for wind, cold, wet arthralgia , Weizheng , cold cough , diarrhea , epigastric cold . pain , nocturnal emission , impotence and so on .

Usage: moxibustion lit alignment points , in order to feel warm and comfortable, moxibustion to skin flushing for the degree of general moxibustion twenty to thirty minutes is appropriate, or doctor before using moxibustion .Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture can be applied leaves essential oils to enhance the permeability of drugs.

Storage: sealed , cool and dry place

1. Body moxibustion : Obesity in addition to some genetic factors , the main diet excessive intake of high protein , high fat and high carbohydrate foods, and lack of exercise caused by the body energy intake and consumption of unbalanced form fat accumulation and fat. Chinese medicine believes that overeating tired Gan hypertrophy , love of ease , or poor mood cause spleen and stomach disorders , phlegm produce moisture inside the stop , emanation skin , and fat accumulation in the skin in the outer membrane . Part obesity may appear limited alveolar ventilation integrated permit , diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia , atherosclerosis , coronary heart disease , women may be associated with irregular menstruation , amenorrhea and infertility and other disease complications . Moxibustion acupoints: the main points to take the triple burner Yu , Yang ; with points to take Ojo , Vital, Sanyinjiao, to machine . Usage : Ai kitchen separated ginger moxibustion, each moxibustion 5-6 strong per hole , 1 day, 30 times a course of treatment.
Fang-yi : Sanjiao Yu , Yang sparsely Lee triple burner effect , together Sanyinjiao, to machine Kent dampness; Ojo as Zhu Yang , Governor a yang, Qi tonic ; Vital Zi Yang kidney, various points combined spleen and kidney, Lee phlegm mixed to achieve weight loss fitness purposes.
2 , beauty moxibustion :
( 1 ) facial wrinkles :
Cause facial wrinkles The main reason is the variety of chronic diseases , endocrine dysfunction and skin blood circulation disorders. Reduce skin tension elastic fibers , sebaceous weakened, subcutaneous fat reduction , local tissue hypoxia can produce worse wrinkles. Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of wrinkles is inadequate endowment, spleen and stomach, inadequate nutrition lead to excessive trouble , less refined bad blood , skin loss in Ru Yang , prompting the flat table and wrinkles.
Moxibustion acupoints: Baihui , Yang Bai , Yin-Tang, the amount of repair , Shimonoseki , Guizhou wind , Futu , separated Yu , Shenshu, God Que , Ashi .
Usage : Ai garbage compartment ginger ( or attached sheet ) moxibustion : 5-6 points each election , each moxibustion 5-6 strong once daily . 30 times a course of treatment.
Fang-yi : Ashi points and adjacent points can alienate the local meridian , in addition to wrinkles ; Baihui Qi Sun ; Yu nourishing blood compartment of the disease ; kidney Yu Buyi refined blood ; God Que Buyi spleen , Pei-Yuan Guben .
( 2 ) Melasma :
Melasma mainly endocrine disorders, hormone and the body caused by autonomic dysfunction . Others, such as certain drugs and diseases , as well as the sun and other external factors to stimulate the physical , but also allows Benbingfasheng or worse. TCM: insufficient kidney , liver qi stagnation, blood stasis ; liver blood deficiency temper is not busy can not moisturize the face, as well as virtual fire caused by temperature Cloud fumigation face raw brown spots .
Moxibustion ear and points: four white, Ying Hong, Yu liver, spleen , air sea , Zusanli , Sanyinjiao, too River , local brown spots .
Usage : no scarring moxibustion moxa cone : in speckle area moxibustion 3-7 strong , with local skin warm and comfortable, skin flush for the degree, every other day l , 7th l course of treatment.
Fang-yi : brown spots have alienated the local and adjacent points blood , blood stain removing effect of skill ; liver Yu liver qi stagnation, gasification ; Gui- man band ; spleen, Shenshu tune up the spleen and kidney, heat and dampness ; Qihai Yiqibushen , conditioning Chong and Ren ; Zusanli spleen qi and blood ; Sanyinjiao tune up the yin meridians , qi and blood ; too Creek ney Qingxudong fire Tiaochong office.
( 3 ) freckles :
Freckles addition to genetic factors , is an optical damage skin . Chinese medicine believes that the disease usually caused by insufficient kidney water endowment , not the glory of inflammation in the face, or virtual fire , sun and heat toxin Yu Accumulation of plaque , or Cou reason not close , outer guard is not solid, Feng Xie outside Bo , skin loss in Rongrun from freckles.
Moxibustion acupoints: freckles local , Ojo , Qu pool , Sanyinjiao.
Usage : moxa mild moxibustion , moxibustion 10-20 minutes per hole , with local skin rosy for the degree, daily or every other day. 10 l courses.
Fang-yi : On the spot alienate the local meridian , Gui air cooling spot removers ; Ojo , Qu pool , dispersing heat , qi and blood circulation ; Sanyinjiao Bugan stomach, cooling blood .
3 , health care moxibustion :
Health moxibustion can adjust the internal organs function , promote the body metabolism, increase red , white blood cell number and phagocytic function , adjust and improve immune function , enhance the body ‘s resistance to disease , so as to achieve the purpose of disease prevention fitness longevity .
( 1 ) , moxibustion Zusanli :
Zusanli Yangming stomach is combined points , one shu May , the body ‘s most important strong points. Has the spleen and stomach , helping to transport , adjusting blood , righting gas , Zhuang Yuan Yang , orange pathogenic wind and strong physical body longevity effect , the saying goes . \” To Ann (foot ) three years quit ,\” is the most common ancient and modern health points. Commonly used method using moxa mild moxibustion or Huanongjiu . With a mild moxibustion every 10-15 minutes , moxibustion to appear flush with locally warm feeling for the degree , daily or every other day, 10 times a month moxibustion .
( 2 ) , moxibustion Guanyuan :
Guan Yuan is Ren Meridian , for the full two yin and Ren ‘s will , hand the sun small intestine Mu Points . Warming has Gujing , Qi Hui Yang , Pei-Yuan consolidate , qi and blood , pass notes Chong and Ren and strong role , moxibustion can adjust the tension of the bladder , … promote pituitary gonadal function , enhance immunity , anti- physical ill health . The ancients had a \”GuanYuan main weakness and only member .\” Prevention and treatment of enuresis , nocturnal emission , habitual so secret and so have better results. Care for the elderly in moxibustion common points . Ai no ring marks stoves using moxibustion , moxa mild moxibustion , drugs ( monkshood ) apply moxibustion , every 15-20 minutes per hole or 5 strong , warm and comfortable moxibustion to the lower abdomen , local skin flush degree fever , daily or every other day 1 month moxibustion 10 times. Note that pregnant women hanged.
( 3 ) , moxibustion gas ; Meixue :
Air sea cave belong Ren Meridian , the main point of care . Has added strength training , kidney Gujing , conditioning Chong and Ren and strong role , moxibustion can adjust the gastrointestinal and renal function , improve immunity . Diarrhea , enuresis , Yang paralyzed , nocturnal emission, irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding , stroke , infertility prevention and treatment . The ancients had a \” sea air by human strength born of places also .\” Ai stoves often used moxibustion , moxa mild moxibustion. With moxibustion Guan Yuan .
( 4 ) , moxibustion Shenshu :
Shenshu bladder full sun to pass through the back-shu points , having Bushenyijing strong back, Cong ears eyesight, bone health , yang and cold and so strong role . Moxibustion can adjust the kidney ; function, and promote adrenal function , bladder adjust the tension , excitement phagocytic activity of the reticuloendothelial system , attending kidney back pain , less refined early sorrow , weakness and only member and the like. For kidney back pain , nocturnal emission, Yang paralyzed , premature ejaculation , urinary incontinence , asthma prevention and treatment . Ai stoves can be used without warning marks moxibustion, moxa mild moxibustion , moxibustion with the full three years.
( 5) incubated moxibustion cream shu :
Fertility shu cream bladder is full sun through the back- shu , adjust lung, Yin lungs , tonic gain or loss of efficacy . Moxibustion can relieve bronchial disease twin , increase hemoglobin and red blood cell count , prevention and treatment of tuberculosis , bronchitis , asthma , consumptive and all the blood evidence. Optional Ai stove yuan fatigue marks moxibustion or moxa mild moxibustion.
( 6 ) , moxibustion throttle points:
Throttle hole belong bladder full sun, Meridian , the bladder through the full sun and Du intersection points , known as hot house, is pathogenic wind out of the portal. Has advised the lungs of the table, evacuation Feng Xie , adjust the air- effect. Moxibustion can adjust lung function , and enhance lung ventilation . Attending all wind syndrome , prevention of colds, rhinitis , pneumonia , stroke, facial paralysis and the like. Optional moxa mild moxibustion , every 10-30 minutes a day l times , 10 times a month moxibustion . In the flu epidemic season , daily moxibustion l times, even moxibustion 7-10 times.
( 7 ) , moxibustion Sanyinjiao :
Sanyinjiao case of full moon spleen points , to foot yin meridians of the fair, with health care and stomach , tune up the liver and kidney , conditioning blood , the role of the main reproduction. Moxibustion can adjust endocrine function, female reproductive function , adjust the heart rate , cardiac death, adjustments month razed insulin secretion , prevention of reproductive system diseases . Indications of liver, spleen, kidney three dirty disease. Prevention and treatment of various types of heart disease, hypertension , diabetes, mental illness and other neurological and gynecological diseases. Can moxa mild moxibustion , every 15-20 minutes , 1 day , 10 times a month moxibustion .
(8 ) , navel :
Moxibustion umbilical fumigation treatments, take a lot of ancient physicians attach great importance to longevity moxibustion. Song \” acupuncture -funded students \” put forward umbilical moxibustion Zhuang Yuan Yang , benefits and loss of longevity effect . North Korea, \” Toho Yi Jian ,\” said umbilical moxibustion there . \” pubic support to help the two kidneys , Tim fine pulp , rejuvenate , prevent life extension \” of power. as medicine spread around the world in recent years, Japan , South Korea and Southeast Asian countries set off a new round of moxibustion umbilical boom, navel moxibustion also cited its outstanding efficacy , many highly respected physicians and people . umbilical aka God valve , with Warming impotence , Kent and stomach, back to the sun due to take off , longevity and strong role. use in the treatment of stroke, exhaustion, cold limbs , dead Jue , epilepsy , pain around the navel , diarrhea , chronic illness , urinary incontinence , infertility Nanzaibuyu women , lack of body shape exhausted , physically weak and frail and all of the card . Meanwhile, the cave also disease prevention , anti- health and longevity of effect . Care for the elderly the main point .
Moxibustion Shenque law: essential oils combined with the leaves , the effect is good history , leaves essential oils make the body of white blood cells , red blood cells increase , hemoglobin and increased amount of calcium in the blood , the first oil evenly with the leaves Shenque rubbed on the skin surface , then take impose mild moxa moxibustion , to produce thermal stimulation , promote Ai essential oils penetrate shu , pass twelve meridians . Hole with the use of drugs to achieve better health treatment efficacy . 15-30 minutes each moxibustion , moxibustion l times a week . \”Introduction to Medicine ,\” said . \” Where the umbilical smoked once each year , strength strong, not born diseases , Qi sickness .\”

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