Quick & Easy Feeding #8 for Tray 3 of my Vermihut Indoor Compost Worm Bin Vermicompost Worm Farm

Quick & Easy Feeding #8 for Tray 3 of my Vermihut Indoor Compost Worm Bin Vermicompost Worm Farm

Growing Tomatoes in Greenhouses and Tunnels

Greenhouses and less sophisticated tunnels provide excellent growing conditions for tomatoes, even when temperatures are not closely controlled. They provide protection from wind, rain, hail and of course from the sun and from excessively cold conditions.

Complete Your Garden With These Garden Edging Ideas

If your garden still lacks the real definition, why not take action now and choose from the many different types of garden edgings available? Where to find edging materials? In your neighborhood garden supplies stories or online garden supply dealers are also in proliferation.

Why Hydroponic Gardening Has So Many Health Benefits

If you are up for the challenge of tackling a new way to plant your crops, a homemade hydroponic system could provide you with a healthy alternative to your traditional dirt garden. Home grown hydroponics can be a challenge when you are first starting out, but once you get the hang of it and see the difference in your produce, it is sure to become your main mode of gardening from here on out and will be much healthier for you too.

Caring for Orchids – No Big Deal

Caring for orchids is thought to be difficult, but the truth is that with a few of simple tips and guidance it can be a fun and rewarding experience. This article talks about some basic requirements when it comes to taking care of orchids for the ultimate beginners; starting with potting material, location, sun light requirement and watering, etc…

Growing Healthy Potatoes

There is nothing much that beats harvesting a good, healthy crop of potatoes, particularly if you have grown them yourself. While there are many ways to cook potatoes, good healthy home-grown potatoes need nothing more than a rinse before they are cooked.

Five Types of Old Garden Roses That Add Beauty To Any Landscape!

Old garden roses are a perfect way to add beauty to your property. Learn more about five different types of old garden roses!

Freezing Herbs – Create Bouquet Garni Paste for Fresh Flavor

As an avid gardener of herbs, I’m always looking for ways to prolong my enjoyment of the uses and functionality of the herbs growing in my gardens and cooking with herbs is one of the uses that gives me a lot of pleasure. Being dissatisfied with lost flavor and aroma in many dried herbs, I’ve found that freezing herbs is an outstanding method to preserve flavor, fragrance and colour.

How to Grow Date Palm Trees

Date Palm Trees, scientific name Phoenix dactylifera, is one of the most recognizable palm trees in the world mostly because of its majestic appearance and tasty fruits. It is also called Medjool palm. This large beautiful palm is one of the oldest trees in the world being in cultivation for over 5000 years.

Know How to Set Up a Garden in Your Backyard

Gardening is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs proper planning and perfect implementation of the planned elements. There are several types of gardens depending on the resources available in your backyard or the purpose you wish for. In this article we have tried to deal with all such information to help you set up the best garden in your backyard.

Midsummer Rose Care

Mid-summer rose care includes dead-heading, weeding, final fertilizing, pest and disease vigilance — and just your pure enjoyment! But there’s more you can do now for even more glorious displays next year and beyond! Take a few ‘green’ steps now to enrich your roses while saving some ‘green’backs and our precious planet as well!

How to Choose a Grass Seed for Your Lawn

Choosing a grass seed to plant as your lawn may seem complicated. Not only are there several different species of grass seed to choose from, but there are countless varieties within a species that turf experts are always looking to improve. Sifting through the intricacies of lawn planting, however, takes only three specific questions:

Save Your Hydroponics Root Zone From Gnats

Though hydroponics is a growing area of farming and gardening, it is not without problems. As a hydroponic gardener you have to be careful about pests that can attack your plants. Just a few precautionary measures will help you keep gnat fungus out of your garden and you can have flourishing, high growing hydroponic plants

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