Red Hibiscus flower plant – செம்பருத்தி – Hibiscus rosa sinensis. Medicinal /Herbal plant

Reasons That You Should Reconsider When Using Hydroponics

As a gardener, sometimes you have to decide whether or not to take your hobby to a whole new level and get into an exciting field like advanced hydroponics. When you are thinking about this decision, you need to make yourself aware of all the different benefits as well as challenges that you could face both during the initial setup of a hydroponics garden as well as what you will face when the plants start growing. The first thing that you need to get straight in your mind is that with new things you try, you will probably fail.

Growing the Rosemary Plant and Its Uses

The Rosemary plant is essential to any summer garden. Both cooks and apothecaries have used this plant since the beginning of time. Rosemary is known for its healing abilities.

Top 5 Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

There are many different vegetables that you can grow in your garden this year, but I have, what I think, would be the top 5 best. These are easy to grow, hardy and will give you more vegetables than you know what to do with. They are all very storable, so you can either can or freeze them to enjoy until the next season. Of course, we all know that fresh vegetables not only taste better but are much healthier for us too.

Picking The Right Variety Of Grapevine For Your Garden

There are thousands of different species and combinations of grapevines in the world. Picking the right one to grow in your garden is based on many factors.

When Is a Weed Not a Weed?

There is an accepted definition of a weed as merely ‘a plant that is in the wrong place’. What happens if we turn that definition on its head? When most people think of weeds, they think of plants like grounsel, chickweed or dandelion. These plants are easily described as weeds because they aren’t particularly attractive or showy and they are considered a nuisance for invading the vegetable patch or growing in between paving slabs. We perhaps don’t often stop to consider that some common and popular garden plants can also behave like weeds, and they do.

Buying A New Greenhouse

What should you consider before buying a new greenhouse? Take note of several important things before spending money on a new greenhouse for your garden.

Garden Water Features

Garden water features are of course water features for your garden and this means things like waterfalls and fountains that you can use to add atmosphere and scenery to your garden relatively easily. When you add a water feature to your garden there are many types to choose from, from natural looking rock pools with built in fountains that will blend into the fauna and greenery in your garden, to more modern looking arrangements using stone balls and other features. There are many benefits of water features and if you choose a good one for your property then you…

Tips for Companion Planting

The concept of companion planting is not a new one. The first settlers described how Native Americans would plant pole beans along with the corn. The obvious advantage to this is that the robust corn will help hold up the beans, but also – and unknown to science at the time – Rhizobium bacteria colonies on the beans help recapture nitrogen for the legume, so both plants benefit. This symbiosis is at the heart of companion planting.

A Great Lawn And Garden Invention – The Weed Eater

I was born in 1966, and lived in Atlanta Georgia. If you know anything about the greater Atlanta area, then you knew we are known for our spring time emergence of flowers, flowering trees and lush green lawns.

An Introduction To Herb Gardening

Botanists will simply describe herbs as any plant that doesn’t have a permanent woody stem. Essentially this means any plant that is not a tree or shrub. Most gardeners would define herbs as plants that we grow to add flavour to our cooking but this definition falls down when you consider rosemary is a shrub and bay leaves come from a tree.

Some Tips on How to Improve Your Garden

This article discusses tips on how to improve your outdoor area. This is perfect for those who are planning some renovations or improvement in their house. Your house will be completely beautiful and presentable if you will also spend time improving your outdoor area. It is not enough that you have great interior and inside look of the house, instead you should also take time to fix your garden or outdoor area.

Plants To Use In A Xeriscape

There are many articles out there discussing Xeriscaping in general terms, but in this piece I would like to be more specific about choices for Xeriscape plants in Texas, and even more specifically, Central Texas. For someone who is thinking about changing to a more water conserving landscape it is sometimes frustrating to read information on the subject but still be none the wiser as to what the new garden will look like. It’s all good and well saying that there will be blooms and textures, but what exactly are we looking at? In this article I will pick some of my favorites and discuss why I would choose them.

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