Red Wiggler Compost Worm Farm Bin- inside

Red Wiggler Compost Worm Farm Bin- inside

Bamboo Greenhouses For Philippine Flowers

Greenhouses should be as green as they could be. A Philippine flower farm’s greenhouses can be constructed in bamboo! Why use bamboo and can you really construct greenhouses with ecology and nature in mind?

5 Reasons to Have Wedding Orchids Bouquets

What would a wedding be without a stunning bridal wedding orchids bouquet for the ceremony? Many a bride will look back at that day of importance and will wish they had wedding orchids bouquets. Why you may ask? Well let’s count the ways.

Mulching Is the Secret of Keeping Weeds at Bay

End backbreaking weeding with the simple use of mulch. With this technique, veggies and fruit don’t have to compete with weeds for nutrients, and water is retained in the soil.

Rotating Crops To Control Diseases On A Micro Farm

Rotating crops on a micro farm is especially problematic. You may be wondering why that may be; the answer is simple. The operative word in micro farm is “micro”, as in really small.

Family Time Outside

Getting the children involved in anything other than television and video games is hard these days. The convenience of electronics has made it harder for families to come together. Having things to do outside can mean the difference in being active and being a couch potato.

The Best Ways to Water Orchids

This article looks at the best ways to water orchids. Identifies common pitfalls and how to resolve them through proper understanding of orchid needs. Includes resources on effective ways to humidify and water orchids.

How to Keep Your Hanging Baskets Looking Good

A lot of peoples hanging baskets start to look a bit tired in the late summer. Make sure yours look great right into the autumn.

Orchid Information For Beginners

Many a home gardener has fallen in love at the first sight of a flowering orchid. No matter where you look – from the UK and the USA to outback Australia and the Middle East – you’ll find individuals who are infatuated with their beauty and obsessed with growing them.

History Of Gardening For Halloween

What would Halloween be without pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns and decorations? Though this is the plant most frequently connected with Halloween today, it may surprise you to grasp that during the past other vegetables and fruit had robust connections to this vacation.

Points to Consider in Making Wedding Orchids Your Preference

Wedding orchids are some of the most well known orchids because everyone has seen them at weddings. However there are many other types but wedding orchids are very beautiful orchids and putting them in your garden is a must for any orchid enthusiast.

What You Need to Know When Picking and Growing Orchids

Thinking of growing Orchids. There are many different types of Orchids and they are not all the same. When you pick your Orchids you should take care to pick ones carefully that have certain aspects that will enhance your garden and not make it a chore.

Container Gardening to Grow in Limited Spaces

If you are suffering from limited space, container gardening could be ideal for you. In this article you will find benefits of container gardening.

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