Red Wiggler Compost Worms – Bugs and Migrations

Red Wiggler Compost Worms - Bugs and Migrations

Vegetable Garden Layout Points to Consider

It is very important that we begin with an assessment of what we have, in term of the various factors which will affect what we are growing and how much etc.It may seem that we have such a small plot or that we only wish to grow a couple of different veg but none the less proper planning is critical to success. The first thing we must do is look at the size of area we can devote to the Vegetable Garden Layout, now we may have an abundance of land from which to pick or we may just be picking some containers etc. What is our size will determine how much of each variety and of course if we must limit the variety we plant.

Proven Guidelines to Caring for Orchids

Successfully caring for orchids is not just for the sophisticated grower or wealthy class as many people believe. Orchids can be cultivated successfully by almost anyone because of the incredible variety of species that exists. Learn the keys to caring for orchids successfully.

Growing Herbs in Containers Or Pots

Herbs can be grown in several types of conditions outdoors in addition to being able to grown inside in special pots and containers. If you are seeking alternative growing spaces to grow your herbs in you should consider window boxes and hanging baskets. When you are growing your herbs in any type of container you are taking an easier route then those that are growing their herbs outdoors as you will not have to worry about sudden changes in temperature. While it is simpler to grow herbs indoors, container gardens still need just about as much tending to as traditional gardens.

Old Jim – My Trusty Galvanized Watering Can

If you’ve ever wanted to grow a bigger, better and brighter garden then you’ll find this interesting. Read on to discover my secret weapon in the quest for the best garden anywhere.

Chinese Figurines of Shiwan – The Ceramic Capital in China

Shiwan is the famous ceramic capital in China, well-known for its beautiful ceramic figurines. While many fans of Shiwan ceramic figurines are bonsai lovers who like to decorate their favorite bonsai trees with Shiwan bonsai figurines, others simply love Shiwan ceramic figurine, admire the fine details of the lively handcrafted figurines made by the ceramic figurine artists in Shiwan.

Orchid Pots – The Beauty In Each One

This is a discussion of the different types of orchid pots available for your orchid. It also discusses the strengths of each one and how they fit with different orchids.

Orchid Pots – So Much To Choose From

Have you ever wanted to buy and orchid, but you didn’t know which kind of orchid would be right for you? In the same way, there are so many varieties of orchid pots out there, that it can be hard to choose. Read on to learn how to do this for yourself.

Choosing the Right Variety of Tomatoes to Grow During the Winter Season

A handful of good variety of tomatoes to grow during the winter season. Some techniques to help in growing these varieties.

Guide to Growing Tomatoes Indoors

Tomatoes are very versatile plants. Not only are they very good for any meal, these plants also grow in any area regardless of their topographic condition. This is one good thing about the tomato plant.

How and When To Transplant Roses

Gardeners will have various reasons for transplanting roses. However, do you know how to transplant roses to survive for years to come? Whether you are transplanting roses for the first time, moving an existing plant to a better location or want to remodel your garden, knowing how to transplant them is a necessity.

Types of Orchids The World Over

There are thousands of orchids found all over the world. They are a family of elegant and exotic flowers. The orchid family boasts more types of species than any other plant family.

How to Water Orchids the Right Way

Watering orchids is tricky in some ways as there are a lot of misconceptions about the amount of moisture they need. Most of them are tropical in origin so a common error is to water them as many times as possible. This is a common mistake among orchid growers.

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