Red Wiggler Population Growing Exponentially! Tiny Worm Bin Feeding #15 Vermicomposting Worm Farm

Edible Garden – How to Grow Herbs

Edible Garden Herbs. Herbs are surprisingly easy to grow!

How to Grow Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

Have you ever though about growing your own fruit and vegetables? In the current economic climate it would surely be a great idea, but how easy is it? If you have a huge plot or a small garden or even just a window ledge or balcony you can still grow your own edible garden.

Composting Worms: Nature’s Recyclers

It’s quite remarkable how nature works. You can even start marveling with the thought of how composting worms help return the same resources back to the earth. It is from these worms own production of compost (also known as worm castings), that a nutritious garden mix is created without extra cost.

How Orchid Flowering Can Be Accomplished Very Easily

If you are interested in getting your orchid plants to produce beautiful and magnificent blooms you will need to know the exact conditions they will thrive in. By learning the basic conditions for which these plants can grow in will allow you to have a much better chance at receiving amazing and vibrant blooms that you can cherish for years to come. Discover the basic conditions that you should have within your orchid habitat today with this article!

The Green Effects to Using Compost Worms

Compost worms have their own ways of keeping the earth free from clutter and garbage. It is through their ability to consume decomposing organic wastes that they are able to produce something nutritious out of the process. Vermicomposting is a natural process that involves the use of specific earthworms, such as red wiggler worms. These earthworms are equipped at breeding productively, and producing worm compost immensely.

How to Control Garden Weeds

Handling weeds in a new or existing lawn is crucial to the well being and all round look of the lawn. A beautiful lawn gets the majority of its good looks from the simple fact that it is smooth and level, with no weeds sticking up above the turf. You have probably mowed your lawn in the past only to have dandelions appearing across the grass a day later, making it appear like you need to it again already.

Rock Garden Maintenance

If you have made a rock garden or raised bed by following the basic rules, then routine maintenance should be a straight forward task. It will not call for skill as required in the pruning of fruit trees nor the heavy work demanded in the vegetable plot.

The Most Effective Way to Weed Your Garden – A Weed Puller?

Having a home garden can be a great way to be able to work in nature while being able to watch your own food grow. But it can be a time consuming task when it comes to pulling weeds out of your garden. You can shorten this process while still having all the benefits of your own garden by using a weed puller to remove weeds from your garden.

Pass The Potatoes Please

We just finished harvesting our potatoes! It seems a bit early, I know. We did it now because we are strapped for time, plus we are anxious to get on with a relaxing fall. Our summer was cold and rainy, so things matured faster than normal. We are hitting our To Do list and plan on having a relaxing Winter! Usually we are given choices – do you want Mayo or Miracle Whip? Coke or Pepsi? Bacon or Sausage? Potatoes or Rice? I will always pick potatoes! I love potatoes so much, I can even live without bread, but not my potatoes. So I am pretty excited about our crop this year. And even if they didn’t turn out, I have a backup plan… my 97 year-old dad. He grows a huge garden and always loads us kids up. So we are good to go for another year.

What Is Hydroponics?

Put simply, hydroponics is the art of growing plants without using soil. To do this, hydroponics equipment generally consists of a reservoir which contains nutrients, and some sort of device which carries this nutrient solution to the plants.

Effective Ways To Moss Control

Most homeowners worry a lot about their lawns due to moss growth. It causes lot of problems as it appears in colder seasons and disappears in summer. Though it creates a lot of problem, most people like to walk on it, as it is very soft. It does not have long life and dries out quickly in summer seasons.

Planting Fall Bulbs for the Splendor of Spring

Flowering bulbs that bloom in the spring are planted in the fall–hence, the term referring to fall bulbs. The bulbs can be planted in late September but they can also be started as late as December as long as the ground is not covered with solid ice. Come spring, there will be the outbursts of color of the spring bulbs.

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