Red Wiggler Sand vs. Eggshell SHOCKER: Where Did The Banana’s Go?

Red Wiggler Sand vs. Eggshell SHOCKER: Where Did The Banana's Go?

Growing Cucumbers And Peppers

In most years in temperate climates, cucumbers and bell peppers can be grown successfully only under the protection of a green house. Plant it in mid spring for an early crop that will last all summer long. Both will be a welcome sight in summer salads. For cucumbers, choose seeds of an all female variety, as the cucumbers are less likely to be bitter. Sow two seeds on their sides in pots or modules in early spring in a heated green house or in mid spring in an unheated one. Provide a temperature of around 25 degree Celsius for speedy germination.

Easy Gardening Tips for Beginners

The time is right for a great garden and as the world goes green, this has set off the gardener in you as well. The tips that are listed below are from years of soil-digging experience and are only a smacking of what it is you will need to know and do when it comes time to plant those first starter plants.

Would You Like to Discover the Best Kept-Secret For Growing Juicy Tomatoes From Seeds?

Since many people don’t realize just how rewarding it is to watch the plants grow from seeds, they’ll purchase seedlings (which by the way, usually come in limited varieties) from their local nursery or garden centers. That’s unfortunate, as there is nothing more gratifying than to see something you’ve started from “scratch” and watch it grow to produce beautiful, luscious red, juicy tomatoes.

Growing Peppers

Sow seeds for bell pepper in spring at 21 degree Celsius in seed trays or modules. Keep at a temperature of 18 degree Celsius after germination. Prick out seedlings into individual pots when they are large enough to handle. Once established, lower the temperature to 16 degree Celsius to grow on. As soon as they are big enough, transfer the young plants to the green house border, growing bags or large pots. If you are using growing bags, plant two or three peppers to a bag. Pinch out the tops of young plants when they get to 15 to 21 cm to make them bush out.

Bark, Bark, Bark – Gardener’s Question Time

Using bark is an excellent choice for gardener’s questioning their next moves in the new gardening year. It is true that garden bark has many qualities. Read on to find out more about why bark is can be the gardener’s best friend.

Two Trends in Home Vegetable Gardening for the Upcoming New Year

I recently had the privilege of appearing on a radio show where we did nothing but talk about vegetable gardening for over an hour. It was a lot of fun, and the questions by the host, Kate Copsey, were fantastic. They made me do some quick thinking about my own vegetable gardening experiences, what I grow, methods I use and so on. More importantly the interview also made me think about trends in vegetable gardening that will be big in the upcoming year.

Garden Bark – Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Numerous gardeners across the country spend time fighting the dreaded weeds. And, during the summer, there is one thing that the home gardener doesn’t like, and that is of course, the weeding. Garden bark helps cure the home gardener of summer misery when it comes down to doing the weeding.

Garden Sheds: Pet Accommodation

Today dog kennels have become quite sophisticated. No longer a ‘box’ in the yard, they come in all shapes and sizes, designed for pet health and comfort.

Aquaponics – The Basics of Aquaponic Gardening

Gardening by the use of an aquaponic system will enable you to cultivate plants along with aquatic life, and starting out at a small scale will allow you to get started without the need for significant amount of expense or maintenance. Understanding the benefits will help you to determine what type of system is best for your needs. Process Whether the system is for outdoors or indoor use, the process of effluent water circulation in which the plant and animal life help each other is the same.

Tips To Help You Plant And Take Care Of Heirloom Seeds

Gardening is a passion many of us have. The sheer joy of watching the plants thrive, grow and flower brings an everlasting joy to a gardener. Though many of us enjoy gardening not all of us are aware of the proper procedures that can help to have a buzzing and blooming garden.

Grapevine Growing and Pruning

Grapes are a very popular fruit. Their taste is exquisite and they are a great ingredient for making wines. This fact is globally accepted as the fan base of grapes pretty much extends towards the whole world. Asians love grapes as much as Americans do.

How To Have A Blooming Garden With Allium Bulbs And Begonias?

Gardening is a passion for those who cherish the joy of it from their heart. Nothing can make a gardener happier than watching his/her garden blooming. It is so much more than a reward of the hard work that has led to those delightful blossoms beaming with pride in your beautiful garden.

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