Red Wiggler Worm Cocoon Experiment Update #3 | 7 Weeks Later | Vermicomposting

Garden Pests Identification

There are many different species of pests which can cause damage in your garden. To be able to combat them effectively you need to be able to determine exactly what type of pest you are dealing with. Certain bugs will attack only one particular type of plant, whilst others are more indiscriminate.

How To Have A Healthy Earthworm Farm

Some people dislike worms of any kind and will not go near worms of any kind let alone operate a worm farm. However, if you are someone who likes earthworms and understands how beneficial they can be will most probably be in favour of making compost using earthworms. Compost made with worms, or vermicompost as it is often known, is cost-effective and eco-friendly. Not only is vermicompost cheaper than many artificial types of fertiliser, it is also non-toxic to animals and humans and completely safe to use, unlike synthetic fertilisers that are made from chemicals. What is more, you can easily make your own earthworm farm and begin producing home made compost with the help of specially cultivated worms.

Caring for Orchids Easily!

Caring for orchids can be easily achieved provided that certain simple steps are taken. Like keeping temperature and humidity within suitable levels for orchids, avoiding direct sunlight, placing them in an appropriate location indoors, knowing when to fertilize and prune.

The Advantages Of Vermiculture Compost Over Other Types Of Natural Compost

Vermiculture is a centuries old technique of cultivating earthworms with the intention of making compost using the worms. To be more specific, the vermicompost that is generated does not consist of the worms themselves but of their excretions, also known as ‘castings’. Earthworms can consume around half their body weight in a single day which passes through their digestive tracts to become the nutrient-rich vermicompost.

Gardening for Beginners: What Are Annuals?

Gardens consist of annuals, perennials, bulbs, grasses, shrubs, and trees. This article answers the question: What are annuals? Included is a list of annuals and what to pay attention to when buying annual seeds or plants.

Tips for Growing Giant Tomatoes – Pruning or No Pruning?

I grew up in a very small town where we lived in a nice big house with a huge vegetable garden. I always loved the smell of our garden; especially in the summer when we had lots of fruits and vegetables in it.

Spring Flowers

Flowers are very beautiful but must be cared for. This includes knowing how often to water them, where they are best grown, how much sunlight they need, how much shade they need and what kind of nutrients will allow them to best grow. It is therefore worth learning a little bit before you start planting your garden, that way your flowers will stay beautiful for as long as possible.

Why You Should Use Composting Worms In Vermiculture

It is a well known fact that compost made with the assistance of worms has many benefits. It is non-toxic and safe to use, unlike many artificial fertilisers. It is also cheaper than buying synthetic plant food and is eco-friendly because it is a method of household waste recycling and is completely natural. Vermicompost, or compost made from worm excretions, also isn’t smelly like other natural forms of fertilizer made from animal dung yet it will make your garden vegetation flourish like never before. A further advantage is that vermicompost repels garden pests very well but won’t harm any natural fauna or pets in your garden.

Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter – Top Five Things To Do For Success!

Like all things gardening, whether or not the Topsy Turvy tomato planter works for you or not is dependent on a lot of things. The first thing is…

Spring Planting Bulbs for Summer and Fall

You can start working on your spring planting bulbs as early as late winter or in the spring depending on your climate. Some spring planting bulbs such as the freesia and wax begonia get overlooked for planting but are just as pretty as other summer bloomers.

Tips on Bare Root Plants

Bare root plants have no leaves and little or no soil around the roots that are sold while they are dormant. Bare root plants are less expensive to purchase than the ones that are already planted in a container.

What Is Raised Bed Gardening?

Raised beds are used for square foot gardening and has become very popular because it is the common sense approach to gardening. There are many advantages to this method over traditional row gardens. More plants, less weeds, and no backaches, just to name a few. This type of gardening is especially useful if you live in an area with poor soil or little rainfall during the summer.

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