Red Wiggler Worm Cocoon Experiment Update #4 | Moving A Few Worms To New Bin | 2 Weeks Later

Ladder Gardening

Have an old ladder you cannot use laying around the house? Well, do not add it to the dump pile. Bring it back to life as part of your garden.

America’s Best Tasting and Keeping Blueberry Varieties

The following are varieties for a season of fresh great tasting and keeping blueberries. This is a listing of some of the best tasting and keeping varieties listed according to ripening time (i.e. Early-Season, Mid-Season, Late Mid-Season, and Late Season) and variety type (i.e. northern and southern varieties).

Transplanting Roses: Expert Tips and Advice

No matter what reason you have for transplanting roses don’t go start ripping roots out of the ground without reading this. Learn when to transplant, how to prepare, what to cut and what not to cut, how to re-plant, do you need fertilizer, how much to water, tips and secrets from old timers.

Why Raise Worms

This article is for gardeners who want to improve the health of their plants. It will show how to use the worms to produce a Compost Tea that will strengthen the plants and improve the soil.

Red Poppies From Poppy Seeds to Make Your Garden Glow

When poppies are mentioned the first color that often springs to mind is red. Popular around the world the red poppy, with its black spots, has become an iconic symbol of global remembrance. It is regarded as a beautiful natural species and is often shown in images depicting golden corn fields with tiny dormice clambering amongst stalks.

5 Great Tomato Plant Tips

Essential advice on growing the healthiest, strongest plants that bear incredibly juicy, tasty tomatoes. Valuable tips for beginners and expert tomato-growers alike!

Eating Healthy During The Winter With Your Greenhouse Kit

The cold winter can affect more than our moods and aching backs. Dieting has always been a battle during the winter months, mostly due to the convenience of less healthy, ready-made foods; and the lack of quality seasonal produce at the market that our bodies benefit from in the summer.

Is Your Orchid Growing With the Correct Growing Lights and Intensity?

Light is an essential element that is usually ignored by most growers. The provision of the correct amount of light for your orchid species will enhance its health and growth. Light intensity varies accordingly with species and hybrids. Grow lights are available with appropriate intensities. As well as the appropriate kind of light should be used to promote growth or flowering.

My 2011 Garden Plan

It is that time of the year again, time to order my garden seeds. It is only a month from our last frost date and I am running a bit late. I ideally already like to have the seeds in hand by this date so that I can start some inside. When I start thinking about ordering seeds I need to think about what I planted last year. Each year I will plant an old favorite and a bit of a new variety to see how they stand up and some years I get a new favorite. I have to admit I tend to lean toward anything purple. So you will see a lot of purple plants in my selections but I promise that it isn’t just because they are pretty they are also the best performers I have found.

Factors in Growing Plants for Shade

To grow your shade garden plants, it needs your careful planning in order to meet the following considerations you intend to undertake before you venture along. You’ve to consider the present structure of your garden, especially if there are presently growing trees that may compete with your main plants with food nutrients, water, space, and sunlight.

Indoor Garden: Quick and Easy Indoor Garden Produces Crops 365 Days a Year

The AeroGarden is the solution to all of your indoor gardening problems. No matter how much gardening experience you have, you can benefit from the easy to manage efficient gardening space the AeroGarden provides.

Why Not Grow A Vegetable Garden?

A vegetable garden is a great way to stretch your family’s food budget, enhance your diet with fresh nutritious food, and to get some exercise all at the same time. There are probably two dozen reasons that you can come up with that would be great arguments against this idea. I being a positive minded person prefer not to deal with negativity, so I am going to offer some reasons that are very persuasive reasons to grow your own vegetables.

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