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The Natural Garden

Want to have a beautiful garden year round with tons of color but do not want to spend a lot of money and effort on it? Then think Nature – a natural setting. A natural garden will consist of wild flowers and some fruit trees and colorful vegetables.

Essentials Of Gardening

To keep your garden looking healthy, beautiful, and get the most out of it you need certain gardening tools. Whether you have a flower garden or a vegetable and fruit garden there are certain tools that will make your life as a gardener easier. You can either buy or make some of these tools yourself.

How Important Are Orchid Roots

Every single orchid root has a number of important functions to perform. Firstly, the roots attach your plants, wherever they grow.

Garden Stakes Are More Than Just Support, They Can Beautify Any Garden

Most people will spend money on garden stakes from their local DIY stores or garden centres to provide certain plants in their gardens with support. However you will be astounded to discover that they can actually be used in a variety of other ways.

What Is Hydroponic Gardening?

Hydroponic gardening is a mean of growing plants without using soil. Hydroponic plants are grown in water-based solutions. These water solutions contain most of the needed mineral and salts for plants to grow healthily.

Advantages of Hydroponic Gardening

So, you have decided to grow a garden this year? Well, before you go spending a lot of money unnecessarily, you should take a look at all of the advantages of hydroponic gardening. Hydroponic gardening is garden work at its best.

Gardening With Hydroponics

Hydroponics involves growing plants without the use of soil, or solid planting mediums. The word hydroponics is from the Greek word hydro and ponos. The definition of hydro is water, which of course is the heart and soul of hydroponic gardening.

Repotting Orchids Demystified

Repotting your orchid may seem a little intimidating to the novice grower, however, it is not all that difficult. Following these simple steps and taking some necessary precautions will ensure that your repotting efforts will be successful.

Container Herb Gardening – Great Tips to Get You Started

Container herb gardening is recommended for those with limited spaces in their homes. People living in apartments can use the container gardening method if they want to grow herbs for alternative medicine and culinary purposes.

Orchid Information – Growing Orchids Made Easy

Orchids are increasingly gaining popularity as one of the most favorite indoor plants. Not only are there many different species of orchids that can be found naturally, there are now also many hybrids. Growing orchids is very easy when you know how to give them the right amount of water, light, fertilizer and air.

Herb Gardening – Try It!

In the past years, it has been exceptionally customary for us to yield our own herbs and spices. Raising them in your own backyard or small farm has been part of our past. In recent times, however, a smaller amount of persons are growing their own herbs because as society moved from an agricultural based economy to an industrial based economy, we moved away from growing our own produce to buying it at the local market. There are still individuals who advocate the many notable benefits of gardening for ones own benefit even in households, miniature plots, backyards and gardens.

Orchid Temperature – Why So Hot and Humid?

Knowing where, or more importantly what type of environment your orchid originally comes from, will help you understand and choose the most suitable plant ensuring you have optimum orchid temperature and humidity levels. Why are Orchid Temperature and Humidity levels so Important? Orchids come from rainforests where temperature and humidity are high most of the year.

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