Red Wigglers Eat Eggs- Forbidden Food Debunked

Pleasing Your “Self” – Five Key Senses Will Do it All

When the stress is overwhelming, we each look for ways to minimize the emotions by rewarding ourselves with either perks or treats. These can take different forms, especially if we apply them to five of our key senses while working in our gardens. Sight: what better stress releaser than to admire one’s work.

STOP Killing Your Orchids – Caring For Orchids the Right Way

I’ve said it once and I will say it again… Stop Killing Your Orchids! People are turning such a simple thing into a complex issue. Caring for orchids is not complex. It is simple. It just requires a paradigm shift on your part.

Organic Pest Control For Garden Grubs

There are already a lot of Organic Pest Control in the market being sold today; and some are also being made at home. But there are particular pest control products for every garden or lawn pest. It’s best to identify the pest first before applying any products to eradicate it. Garden Grubs for example, are pests that you definitely don’t want to see on your lawn or garden. But there are effective organic pesticides that are organic-based that can kill any grub worm around.

Facts on Composting Leaves

There are other organic materials that you can compost separately, and composting leaves and leaf mulching can be one of them. It’s a fact that leaves are commonly referred to as ‘Gardener’s Gold’; and is truly a valuable product. But other than that, composting using leaves can actually produce a dark substance; and can be used as a soil conditioner, and as an organic fertilizer (much like the use of worm castings).

Finding the Right River Rock For Your Garden

Landscaping is something that can make even inexpensive homes look very nice. There is always a cheap solution for any kind of yard work and as long as you put effort into it, it will pay off.

Let Your Orchids See the Light

Vital to your orchids’ health is light that they need to grow and bloom. Knowing what your particular species’ light needs are will keep it healthy; otherwise use the general light requirements for orchids. It’s a good idea to try to match orchids to your environment. But if your environment does not provide your orchid’s light needs, you have the option of using artificial lights.

Healthy Microbes and Good-Guy Fungi Encourage Protection From Root Rot

Root rot can effectively decimate any garden. Make sure that your plants and vegetables are protected.

Caring For Orchids As a Hobby

Caring for orchids can be a hobby or a full time endeavor depending on the type of orchid you have or the size of your garden. Here is some information to help you decide if starting an orchid garden is right for you.

Top 10 Facts About Successful Gardening

Since gardening is probably the most practiced hobby world wide there are many misconceptions which develop over time. The key to successful gardening is to have all knowledge about the life cycle of every plant family, the kinds of diseases they can develop and their nutritional requirements. In gardening the right tools do not play as active a role as the right knowledge.

The Three Main Ways to Clone Plants

Cloning is the act of taking a cutting from one plant and growing a new plant from that cutting which retains all the same genetic characteristics of the plant the clipping was taken from. Many people use cloning in order to have a predictable crop rather than taking a chance on different seeds which may or may not end up having the characteristics you are looking for in your new plant. There are three main ways in which growers clone their plants: deep water culture, coco cubes, and aeroponics.

Aeroflo Aeroponic System

Aeroponic systems are getting more and more popular among hydroponics growers around the world. This system has always been thought of as a very difficult system to run with the chance that things will go wrong at any time. However, aeroponics, especially with the aeroflo aeroponic system is actually a lot easier to run than you would think.

Guidelines to Caring For Your Phalaenopsis Orchid

You are delighted with your Phalaenopsis Orchid but are anxious about keeping it healthy. Here you will learn the secrets of caring for your orchid by understanding its specific requirements for daylight, temperature, humidity, watering and nutrients, all of which are presented in a clear non-technical format.

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