Red Wigglers Fed Summer Treats After 2 Weeks With Just Bedding | Vermicompost Worm Farm

Leyland Cypress Tree Spacing Explained

Spacing Leyland Cypress trees explained clearly. Most people who are unhappy later on with a privacy screen is the result of incorrect spacing. Plant your trees properly with target height in mind and consider the “zig-zag” pattern and the “rule of fours” to get closure soon and still have strong and healthy trees later.

Garden Plants – Paradise on Earth

Garden Plants are a variety of plants usually grown in flower or herb garden. Plants are the basic need for the survival of a human and are becoming known more and more for their vital usage in many arenas, including medicinal purposes. Gardens with plants provides you an open-air establishment where refreshments are served.

Are Your Orchid Roots Healthy?

Orchid roots are very different than any other plant that you will come across. They will grow from the potting mix out over the container extending into the air. This is completely normal. Some growers Will prune the roots to make them fit in the pot they are in. Instead they should repot the orchid to a new pot 1′ larger than the existing one.

The Beauty of Planting Roses

Roses are one of gifts of nature that amazes human beings. Even if they have thorns all around their body, all people generally love them because they symbolize beauty, romance and love. Valentines, weddings, anniversaries and debuts cannot be complete without their presence. This is exactly the reason why aside from planting them for personal purposes, they are also propagated for commercial.

No More PH-PPM Metering Or Adjusting

Hobbyist Bigger Yields Bundle and any of the new 5-in-1 Base Nutrients. Because together they have a new built in proprietary technology called pHPerfect TM that automatically puts your nutrient solutions pH and PPM into the “sweet spot” for optimum growth and flowering. Eliminating the need for you having to fool around with pain-in-the-butt pH and PPM metering and adjustments.

Knowledge About Herb Gardens

Way back during the ancient times, herbs have been very popular – both in ancient Egypt and ancient China. Even during the medieval times, there were documented facts that most people at that time were already using it.

Common Orchid Types & Who They Are Best Suited For

There are many orchid types that can be found throughout the world, and each of them is unique and beautiful in their own way. In this article you learn about a few different types and how different people are using them now.

7 Tips to Improve Your Garden Design

Are you a visually aware gardener, a garden owner, or someone who just enjoy a beautifully designed gardens? Do you need help planning, building, or selecting plants for your special outdoor space? How would you like to have a team of award winning garden designers and experts available to assist you at every stage of the process?

Where to Find Hydroponic Garden Kits

Hydroponic gardening is a new innovative technology in gardening which is a dream come true for most people. This type of system allows your plants to survive and grow without the need for sunlight, soil or regular watering. It is perfect for people who have a busy lifestyle and want to landscape an easy to maintain garden.

Garden Cart Wheels – Buy New Wheels Or Replace the Cart?

Avid gardeners know that one of the most important yard care tools is a sturdy garden cart. But what happens when the wheels wear; is it better to buy a new cart or to simply replace the garden cart wheels on your old and loved cart?

What Does Your Soil Require in Organic Gardening?

While organic gardening requires extensive work it does pay out significant dividends in the end. It is not only good for you, but for our planet as well. Let me describe to you how the process works and you will get a better appreciation of it.

How Can You Get Rid of Pests Living in Your Garden?

Have you ever wondered why regardless of the kinds of seeds you plant you still don’t get a great crop? Did it occur to you that there may be unwanted boarders in your garden? They may be sharing the nutrients that your vegetables are supposed to utilize.

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