Rice Experiment Results Mango Seed Update + Worm Time Lapse🪱Outdoor WormBin Feeding 25 Vermicompost

Rice Experiment Results Mango Seed Update + Worm Time Lapse🪱Outdoor WormBin Feeding 25 Vermicompost

Composting For The Rest Of Us

Composting as we all know, is quite possibly one of the best things that we can do to increase fertility in our garden. The benefit to the environment from composting are unquestionably a superior way for dealing with organic waste than allowing it to rot away in a landfill. But the fact remains that only a very few of us ever bother to do it.

Raspberry Leaf Foraging

Raspberry is a bushy plant native to North America. It is still easily found in woodsy areas that get little human company. Berrying was a favorite family weekend outing in much slower days than the ones in which we live. Times are hectic, but the berries are still there for the picking and so are the leaves.

Growing Herbs on the Balcony

Why grow herbs on your balcony?: Well fresh herbs and some vegetables are expensive at the supermarket and have a very limited shelf life. For a small cost you can have fresh herbs that can be harvested over a long period of time and can be grown in a small space.

Top Three Tips for a Healthy Backyard Vegetable Patch

There are many people who go about things the right way and these people usually experience good success in their backyard vegetable patch. Other people fail to think things through first, and consequently fail. The key to success in your vegetable patch is to first get good advice, a step-by-step guide that will keep you on the right track. Not researching what to do, or for that matter how to do it, will bring you very poor results come harvest time. You might finish up with a less than impressive crop and in-turn, perhaps even give up after your first attempt goes pear shape.

Greenhouse Accessories

Building and running a greenhouse can be more than just a fun recreational activity you do in your spare time – it can benefit you financially (if you sell the plants or produce) and health wise (by eating healthy foods). Installing certain key accessories can ensure you get the maximum return and efficiency from your greenhouse.

Your Own Indoor Greenhouse

So, you have always hoped to have your own indoor greenhouse. Making one in your own residence is easier than you think. With today’s grow light technology, and a great grow room setup, you can have your very own successful and stunning greenhouse. All you need is a suitable space in your home where you can control the temperature for your plants to grow.

Organic Farming Differences and Bans

Organic farming and its products are a huge market these days. Thanks to such shows as TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8, more families are realizing that they can enjoy organic foods while remaining on a tight budget. Even the USDA is advocating that more farms try going completely organic.

Grow Room Odor Control – Checklist to Keep Your Grow Room Odor Down

The first item on your list must be a keen eye. One of the secret culprits lurking in any grow room is plant debris. This plant debris may be minimal. However, as it accumulates and starts to decay, it gives off an odor.

Orchid Lighting 101

This article is about orchid lightings. To give your orchids the best possible condition under which to grow to its full potential, different light sources should be considered. These include natural sun light, filtered light and artificial lighting. When using natural sun light as direct light source, it should be noted that too much direct sun light can harm your orchid. Find out why filtered light is your next best alternative. But for indoor orchid growers, what is the best artificial light sources? Find out how to choose between fluorescent bulbs and grow lights.

Mutant Bluebonnets in the Texas Hill Country

I’ve written about the Native American legends and medicinal uses of Texas Hill Country wildflowers and also about the most prevalent of the flowers; this year I will swallow my pride as a UT grad and talk about the creation of the maroon bluebonnet some call aggie bonnets, as well as the other mutant colors whose birth has paved the way for bluebonnets to become a multi-million dollar domesticated bedding plant. Domesticating bluebonnets was the initial brainchild of terminally ill Carroll Abbott who wanted a Texas flag made entirely of multi-colored bluebonnets for the 1986 Texas Sesquicentennial. Abbott aka Mr….

Indoor Gardening Offers An Entirely Doable Process Once You Become Aware Of Hydroponics

Maybe you’ve read the term “hydroponics gardening,” and found it appealing but need to know more before signing on to it. This kind of gardening is especially appealing to those who want to grow plants or vegetables and may not have the outdoor space available to do it in. An intriguing aspect of this sort of growing is that it is accomplished without the aid of soil, and that’s a plus for many gardeners. The idea that you can grow virtually any variety of flora without soil makes this kind of gardening ideal for indoor implementation, and it can even be performed in your home.

Items You Need For Your Own Indoor Garden

If you are starting your own indoor garden for the first time, you will need to be prepared. Indoor gardening can be a fantastic hobby, and a great way to grow flowers and plants all year long. With advancing technology, gardening indoors is easier than ever before. Getting the right materials for your garden, and learning the whole process will be key. Finding guides and researching indoor gardening books to get you started will help you learn how to raise gardens indoors. Fertilizers, pots, starter packages, and the best lighting will be just a few of the items you will need to start.

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