Seeing many more castings inTiny Worm Bin. Feeding Strawberries & shredded veg to composting worms

Why and How to Prune Tomatoes

Remove suckers below the first cluster of flowers. While staking and pruning is considered by some commercial tomato farmers to be a waste of money – purely because it is so labour intensive – this doesn’t apply to the average home veggie garden.

Grow Tomatoes by the Moon

The moon controls many forces including the tides of the ocean. So it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that it is an important factor when it comes to gardening.

Choosing From The Range Of Available Gardening Sheds

If you are unsure as to which of the many gardening sheds that are available would be able to fulfill your desired functions in the best way possible, then it is likely that a suitable guide would help you. Fortunately, we are here to help with this guide on the different things to consider when choosing from all of those gardening sheds that are available from retailers.

What Do Worms Eat?

Worms like to eat what we don’t like. Mostly leftovers, and uncooked. Find out about the up’s and down’s of feeding worms the right food, along with the wrong food for a healthy happy wormery.

Sage – A Medicinal Herb

All sages are not alike. Some are for landscaping, and some have medicinal values in addition to other uses. In this article I am covering the garden sage (salvia officinalis), which has been associated with longevity and strength over the centuries. It has also been considered one of the most important medicinal herbs.

Bird Baths: Best Placement and Maintenance Ideas

Where should I place my bird bath? How much water should I use? How often do I need to clean the bird bath? Do I need to provide water all year? Here are the answers to these questions.

Steps To Proper pH and Soil Nutrients For Your Garden

In order to promote good plant growth, both macro and micro-nutrients are required, as well as the right soil pH. And, while it is important that your plants receive sufficient amounts of these nutrients, over-application of them can be as detrimental as a deficiency. Over-application of plant nutrients may not only impair plant growth, but may also contaminate groundwater by leaching through the soil or pollute surface waters by washing away.

Three Tips to Organic Pest Control for Your Garden

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to grow a beautiful garden without the intrusion of plant attacking pests? That would simplify everything.

Four Steps to Follow When Choosing the Best Garden Pots

Most homeowners enjoy taking advantage of unique opportunities that exist with gardening. These resources allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature and take advantage of unique floral or vegetation opportunities, which can prove very relaxing.

How To Find An Expert Palm Tree Removal Service Provider?

If you have a palm tree that you would like to remove from your property, there are a couple of ways to approach the task. You can either choose to remove a palm tree on your own by variety of methods like use of chemicals, slow tree killing, and digging the stump to remove the tree.

Discover Success With Raised Bed Herb Gardening

Raised bed herb gardening is just as popular as raised bed vegetable gardening and often the crops are grown together to benefit each other. There are many benefits to this type of gardening so read more about how to be successful at it.

Integrated Control Options for Root Knot Nematodes Part 2

Following on from Part 1 of this article where we talked about what root knot nematode (RKN) is, the symptoms and some soft options for control, in this article, we look at the rest of the tools that can be used in an integrated control strategy. Crop Rotation with Tolerant Crops Rotate susceptible crops, or crops which have become badly infected, with crops of brassicas such as cauliflower and cabbage or other crops such as strawberries.

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