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Plants That You Can Grow in Your Garden to Attract Butterflies

Butterflies are exquisite and dainty creatures that can add more color to your home garden. Kids and even adults love to watch butterflies sitting on the flowers and plants. The lovely butterflies create an interesting atmosphere in the garden.

What You Can Do With Fennel

Fennel is a much maligned vegetable that grows wild in some parts of the world. It is an outcast in the average vegetable garden because it is not a good companion for any other vegetables.

The World’s Smallest Tomato

People often get a kick out of growing the biggest vegetables possible. In fact there are competitions that farmers enter to show off their giant vegetables.

Benefits of Garden Designs

When you think that your home needs to have a makeover, you really should not dive right away to tearing every part of your house down and renovating it. This is costly. Sometimes, all it takes to give your house a refreshing look is to introduce a great garden design right on your front lawn.

With Organic Aquaponics, Growing Your Own Veggies At Home Has Never Been Easier

Developing a balanced diet centered largely upon green veggies and lean meats is really important so that the body is healthy plus in excellent condition. With the living costs growing endlessly and genetically modified crops increasing day-to-day, developing a wholesome meal is getting trickier. The most effective plan is to plant your own home grown vegetables. This may be an impossible step for individuals living in apartments or individuals with a very low resistance to exertion, but in fact it could be the most enjoyable experiencing and a very easy activity you could achieve. How is this possible? Well, the most effective method is the one which allows you to raise fish and vegetables all at once from your own home!

Drought Tolerant Hostas in North Texas?

Who better to discuss a question about drought tolerance of hostas than a Texan in 2011. There are those who think of cactus, desert, and horses tied to hitching posts when the subject of Texas lore and the wild -wild west comes up! While these things can certainly be found in the vast expanse of land mass that comprises the Lone Star State, one will also find beautiful garden spots throughout the state.

Try a Mini Herb Garden

A mini herb garden is a good idea for anyone with limited space. Here are some tips for those of you that want to be successful at growing herbs in pots. While the tips are geared towards container gardens, they are relevant to gardens of any size.

Sources Of Supply For The Gardener

Three out of every four container plants are bought from a garden centre. You can wander around and look at the perennials, trees and shrubs, knowing that at almost any time of the year you can pick up a container-grown specimen and plant it in your own garden. Selecting a plant is easy but getting it home may be difficult – never bend or twist the stems to get it into the car.

Summer Garden Maintenance

Summer is a time to sit out in the garden and enjoy the features that you have created; the beautiful flowers that bloom, the well maintained lawn, the soothing water features. But, there is still some work to be done to keep all these features looking their best. Don’t worry, it’s not too much work. Just enough to protect what you have created form the elements. A very hot and dry spell can do a lot of damage to a garden. Here are some tasks which you may need to carry out:

Greenhouse Site Selection

Greenhouses present the perfect gardening environment irrespective of the time of year. But a greenhouse can only be as beneficial to you as your planning and preparation is. You need to have the right foundation for your greenhouse’ success by ensuring it is fitted with all required functionality such as water, electricity, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling and heating.

How To Choose the Best Garden Pots That Suit Your Needs

Garden pots are an essential part of the modern garden, and can be used to do anything that a gardener wants, from growing large outdoor ferns to seeding a few herbs in a kitchen garden. When it comes to vital garden supplies, pots are a must-have for everyone who does their own gardening. Because they are so important to the modern garden, designers and supply shops have created a range of pots to suit every kind of outdoor space. Choosing the best garden pots for your own project can be difficult, but once you know a few basic rules you can take your pick.

Grape Vine Landscaping: Delightful Beauty

Grapevine landscaping is a great way to beautify your home because not only does it give a unique appeal, it can also provide continuous supply of this delectable fruit. Not many people really practice this type of design but that is not because they do not find it attractive, the reason is more due to the lack of knowledge on how to do it.

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