St Mary’s Thistle (Silybum marianum) – Traditional Medicine Plant

Suitable Storage For Garden Equipment Hibernation

Winter weather usually means that garden equipment such as tools, furniture and toys needs to remain safely stored. This article looks at various solutions for storing garden items whether it be purely for practical use or to be incorporated as a garden feature.

Windy Weather And Your Garden Fixtures

Windy weather can be disruptive in many ways. High wind speed in the UK currently promises to cause problems such as damage to garden fixtures. This article explains how to prevent wind related fence, furniture or plant breakages and why after storm care is also important.

Seasonal Displays for Stone Planters

Stone planters are a real asset to any garden. They add a timeless quality to patios, the centre of borders and the sides of entrances. Buying a stone planter doesn’t have to be expensive nowadays. Stone composite planters are readily available at a fraction of the cost of those composed purely of stone. They can also come authentically aged so that they immediately look as though they have been in your garden for years. As with any garden planter, there is a decision needed as to whether to plant something that will be fairly permanent such as a tree or shrub, or whether to plant seasonal displays. Here is a short guide to stunning displays for stone planters for each season of the year.

Why a Log Cabin Is The Ideal Garden Refuge For Winter

Log cabins are an extremely versatile garden feature because they can be used for an extensive range of leisure activities or as additional rooms for the home. There are plenty of designs to choose from whether you are looking for a play area for the children, a new office space or just somewhere to relax.

Outdoor Planters

With spring on the horizon its time to clean up those empty outdoor planters and also start having a look around to see what new designs are available for the new season. There are so many beautiful designs now available, both traditional and modern, in a whole variety of different materials, from stone to fibre glass. Here is a short guide on what to look for in an outdoor planter and the pros and cons of different materials.

Indoor Planters

If you want to brighten up your own home or are looking for something a little different as a gift, you can’t get much better than an indoor planter filled with your favourite plants. Whether your taste is traditional or modern there will be an indoor planter for you. I must admit I don’t much go in for house plants, I much prefer to bring a little of my garden indoors to match the seasons outside. Here are just a few of the ideas I use to plant up indoor pots and some examples you might not expect to see as indoor planters, but which work wonderfully.

Organic Gardening Benefits You Should Be Aware Of

You can enjoy the benefits of gardening without having a green thumb or being an expert. Even beginners can quickly appreciate the satisfaction of watching something that you planted grow into a healthy plant. This article will look at some of the well-known benefits of gardening as well as some that aren’t quite as well known.

Keeping Bad Bugs Out Of Your Organic Gardening

It can take as little as 2 hours for insects to destroy your plants and all your hard work. You don’t need any annoying pests wreaking havoc on your plants after you’ve spent hours of your time and toil planting out your garden. If you try to avoid this problem by not allowing the bad bugs to take over your garden from the start, you create other ones.

Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas For a Relaxing Environment

Do you have a hot tub? Then consider building an enclosure for it to make the most of your garden!

Galaxy Grow-Amp Electronic HID Ballast 1500W 240V, 902230

Your plants deserve the best, but it might be hard to give them that when you have an indoor garden. Without the right equipment, your plants cannot grow fully and healthily. Some products out there might not provide quality results while others cost you a lot to get those results, either by raising the power bill or being incredibly expensive. Regardless of the issue faced, it can become intimidating. The Galaxy Grow-Amp Electronic HID Ballast helps to reduce or even remove stresses related to this type of purchase by making things easier on you. This is a quality product that produces reliable, exceptional results, improving the health of your plants. This specific electronic ballast is switchable and has several features that make it something you cannot overlook. By adding this to your indoor garden, you can give your plants the very best that they deserve.

Earthworm Composting – Get Involved With A Worm Farm!

Worm farming is easy, compact, and convenient. We can all do our part to reduce, reuse and reclaim natural resources by recycling our kitchen garbage. Use the nutrient-rich dark humus produced by your worm farm in planting soil to grow your own vegetables, fruits, herbs and more. “Square-foot gardening” with a self-watering growing container affords the opportunity to grow in limited space. Imagine enjoying the fruits of your (and your worms’) labors in the form of fresh-picked produce and herbs to enhance your culinary adventures. Imagine the delight at seeing your own fresh food on the table at mealtime, or snacking on fresh veggies from your special garden. Make it a family affair!

Indoor Composting

This article offers some benefits and uses of composting and indoor composting and the general value of engaging in composting as an activity to help the environment. Because of all these benefits, making compost through indoor composting is a healthy activity that can help not only your garden but can also aid the environment by reducing land pollution.

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