Strawberry vs Oats Experiment Which Food Do Red Wigglers Prefer? Vermicompost Worm Farm

Strawberry vs Oats Experiment Which Food Do Red Wigglers Prefer?  Vermicompost Worm Farm

Why Phalaenopsis and Cattleya Orchids Are Perfect for Weddings

Choosing the perfect flower for a wedding is a difficult decision. But a growing number of people are picking orchids to create the mood and visual glamour everyone wants. Find out the two orchids selected most often for weddings.

Therapy of Roses

When you look for more reasons to plant those beautiful roses in a garden, courtyard or even on you veranda in containers, think of the therapeutic value these roses can have for you and your family. Roses truly have much more to offer than just beauty or something “pretty” to look at. Roses can increase a feeling of well being, thus improving our overall health.

Consider Planting A Vegetable Garden

The benefits to growing your own vegetables. Basic principles that you should be aware of when starting a vegetable garden.

Orchid Flowering – 3 Less Known Facts About Flowering!

Do you know that there are less known facts about orchid flowering? Unless you are an expert on growing orchids, you will never know about these. It takes years of experience to…

Important Facts About Bonsai Trees

Bonsai is the actual art of growing small trees that resemble full-size trees. The entire purpose is to enjoy the beauty of the tree and the pleasure in growing them. After World War II, information regarding them became more available in the West including exhibitions that are still held.

A Living Piece Of Artwork – The Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees are miniatures made to look like fully mature trees. Various techniques are used to shape the tree and keep them small. They are usually planted in containers and are included in both indoor and outdoor displays.

Herb Garden Design Points to Consider

Herb Garden Design need not be something which is for your entire garden it may be an addition to your existing garden or just some pots and containers placed in strategic positions. When looking at the design my first consideration is always to ask why and what am I doing this for.

5 Most Effective Plants For Inside Growers

This article talks about five special plants that can help to either bring your home alive with color and life and/or help in removing indoor toxins. There are a lot of things within the home that contain things like formaldehyde, such as couches and carpets; these plants will help to remove some of the many poisons we breathe daily in our homes.

Bonsai Trees Are An Ancient Art Form

Bonsai trees are examples of an ancient art form, begun in China and further developed in Japan. In 1829, a definitive book on the subject was published in Japan and the whole nation became more involved in this practice of shaping nature to an artistic ideal. After World War II, many in the western world became bonsai enthusiasts also.

Some Information Regarding Bonsai Trees

Many people all over the world look at growing Bonsai trees. There are many reasons for why people do this. There are of course a number of things that you should be aware of when you are growing a Bonsai.

Don’t Wait Til You Need An SOS Call – Here’s How To Water Your Orchids The Right Way

Quick and easy information about what kind of watering requirements that orchids have and simple methods for offering them just the right amount of water. Follow them and your orchids will thrive.

Watering Your Orchids – The 6 Mistakes to Avoid

  When it comes to watering your orchids, it is relatively easy, but there are essential steps every grower must take in order to water successfully. Majority of the time, people do not know how to properly water their orchids and this typically leads to the blooming failures. By knowing the basic mistakes others make when watering orchids you can avoid the same pitfalls to growing these exotic flowers.

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