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Gardeners Start Early By Growing Their Own Plants

By the tine the February comes along in the north, gardeners are tired of winter and looking for the chance to move the soil and get things growing. Just the thought of seeing green is enough to get them dreaming of great things to come. Starting your own plants is a way to beat the winter and see some green in the present as well as the future.

Gardening With Transplants, Five Reasons To Start Your Own

In the spring the garden centers will fill with all sorts of transplants, some of them in luxurious and tempting bloom. The thrill of planting will come upon us and many of us will leave with arm loads of great planting fun. However, there are lots of reasons for starting your own from seed. Here are five reasons to get you started.

Before Spring Gardening – Getting Started in Winter

It may seem hard to get thought of gardening started in the middle of winter when the snow is deep on the ground, but it is great time to plan and dream. Seed companies will be sending their catalogues out with all those fantastic pictures of delicious vegetables, giant blooms and dripping fruit. Now is the time to plan on having all of those from your garden.

Composting Through the Winter Months

While many people think of the winter as the time to rest from the garden or at least to plan and dream of next summer, some things are still to be done. Seeds can be bought, seedlings started and composting still goes on. In fact, winter is a time for some of the oddest of home made composting bins to be made and used.

Gardening With Transplants: Growing Your Own Is Cheap and Easy

There are no secrets to growing transplants. Gardeners have done it for a long time before commercial nurseries took over all the fun. The materials and easy to find and hobby just adds to the pleasure of gardening.

Gardeners Can Start Their Own Transplants, Just Relax and Do It

It is a common sight in the spring to see the gardeners converge on the local plant nursery and take home trays of transplants for the garden. However, this means that many gardeners miss out on one of the joys of gardening, starting their own transplants from seed. Many have simply never tried because they feel it is too difficult but in reality all that is needed is to relax and give it a try.

Gardeners Go Green By Starting Their Own Transplants

Today’s emphasis on going green is made to order for the home gardener. With little expense it is possible to be right in the middle of the movement to reduce, reuse and recycle while having a great garden. One of the best places to get started is by growing your own transplants.

Green Living With Black Gold: Sustainable Agriculture in the Home Garden

Many of our gardens have lots of vegetables and great blooms, but are they sustainable? What happens when chemical fertilizers are too expensive to buy and the pesticides no longer work or are just too dangerous for unlicensed users? A simple answer is to go green and move away from them now so that the problem will not affect our gardens and they will be better and healthier for it.

Sustainable Gardening: Are Changes Needed In Your Backyard Garden?

One of the changes that has begun in green businesses reaching into the agricultural sector, is the process of going green to have sustainable results with either no or positive effects on the environment. While we applaud the business that do so, there are some simple changes that can make our backyards and gardens into sustainable environments as well.

Indoor Gardening – Fake Plants Don’t Count

Setting fake trees or plants around the house and dusting them every so often is not indoor gardening. There are people that don’t have any success with indoor plants and still others that believe plants are for the outdoors. But there are plenty of plants and herbs that do quite well indoors and plants help clean the air they eliminate carbon dioxide from the home just as they do outside.

How To Turn A Commercial Aquaponics System Into A Profitable Business

Your very own commercial aquaponics system can become a profitable reality due to the ever increasing desire on the part of people to eat healthier foods. You can grow healthy food at a lower cost and profit from this with this new opportunity.

Papaver Somniferum Poppy – Hens and Chicks

With such a great range of poppies available it can be tough to find the perfect specimen for your garden. While many of the traditional favorites always work well, including a few unusual varieties in your garden will be a great talking point for visitors. And within the Papaver somniferum family the variety of Hens and Chicks is an interesting poppy which will catch the eyes of all guests to your garden.

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