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Simple Pruning

Most shrubs and trees do not require regular pruning, but some will produce bigger and better displays of flowers if they are pruned in the right way and at the right time. If left to their own devices, however, even those types that do not normally need pruning will become congested with unproductive wood.

Why Gardeners Should Keep a Garden Calendar

A person’s garden requires many types of care depending on what time of the year it is. For instance, one will tend to his or her plants in a certain way during the summer and an entirely different way in the winter, and that can be a lot to remember.

Growing Strawberries

Growing strawberries is quite easy, because strawberry plants are very adaptable. You can grow them pretty much anywhere, in a garden, pot or a container. The only things which they need are a piece of standard soil, lots of water and sun.

Twitter, Good For Gardeners

Twitter is a growing online phenomenon that allows people to stay up to date with other people, events and businesses. Although it is primarily a social tool meant for keeping up with the lives of friends and people in your network, Twitter has proven to be much more than just that.

Gerbera Captiva – Flower Care

The Gerbera is a genus from the sunflower family – Asteracceae. The first Gerbera Captiva was considered the best innovation among all the gerberas for 2008.

Get a Great Start With Your Garden

When you’ve just begun your first adventure into gardening, you may not know where to start, but there are a few simple tips that should get you well on your way to a beautiful garden. If you have limited space and have decided to grow in a container, filling it with a commercial soil mix for flowers or vegetables is easy enough.

How to Enjoy the Warm Seasons of the Year in Your Own Backyard

Your backyard has lots of potential and you can make it look its very best by planning ahead what you would like to see. Write down what you expect out of your garden and then look to see what things you currently have in it. Be sure you write down placements of trees and shrubs and note where it’s primarily sunny and primarily shady.

Why Do Plants Thrive on an LED Plant Light?

The best type of light for plants during all the growth phases of a plant is natural light. However, for plants that need to spend their life indoors, the light must be artificially provided and LED has proven to be the most efficient light for plants to grow.

Five Gorgeous Black Roses in My Garden

Although you find names of roses prefixed with ‘Black’ everywhere, there is no truly black rose. The stunning black roses in my garden are, at the most, deepest and darkest purples or reds.

Growing Grapes at Home – Site Selection Essentials

If you are thinking about growing grapes at home in your own garden, it is first of all important to have an understanding of some fundamental concepts. Many homeowners attempt to grow their own grapes, but most will fail.

Pruning Basics – What You Should Know

Most trees and shrubs will need an occasional prune to maintain health, control their size and improve the display of flowers or foliage. It is a straightforward process provided you use the correct pruning technique and get the timing right. Despite having acquired a reputation for being difficult, all pruning follows a few basic rules, which are easy to understand and to put into practice. The first rule is to have good quality tools with sharp, clean blades.

Garden Sprayers Home Remedies – Produce Your Very Own Natural Insect Repellent

Summer season tends to make me happy. I love taking a swim, enjoying baseball, and not wearing socks for four months. But if there’s one point about summer which bugs me, it’s… well, bugs. Not only are mosquito bites itchy and painful, they’re also dangerous. Going outside, specifically into a wooded area, with no insect repellent is not an option.

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