The Fastest Way to Harvest Compost Worms and Castings

How to Select Bulbs For Spring Blossoms

Do you want beautiful flowers blooming in your garden after a long winter? Find out how to select the perfect bulbs for gorgeous blossoms in the spring.

Plant Bulbs in the Fall For Beauty in the Spring

Planting bulbs in the fall will give you beautiful spring color. All it takes is bulbs, a shovel and a couple of hours of your time. Not much to invest for a gorgeous yard in the spring!

Lilacs – An Old Fashioned Garden Beauty

Lilac bushes are a garden staple from years ago. They can still have a place in the gardens of today where they will provide beautiful blossoms and deep green foliage, with very little care from you.

Indoor Herb Garden – 5 Must Know Tips About the Best Way to Dry Extra Herbs

Anyone who has a successful indoor herb herb garden is aware that using fresh herbs adds delicious flavors to any meal. What happens if you are fortunate enough to have an indoor herb garden which produces more than you can use? It would be a shame to throw away or waste home grown fresh, delicious herbs, so the best answer to this dilemma is to store herbs by drying them first. This is easy to do and does not require much time or effort.

4 Fall Garden Tasks That You Should Do

Just because the leaves have started to fall doesn’t mean it is time to stop working in the garden. The work you do in the fall can make your yard healthier in the spring.

Learning Orchid Care

Are you new to orchids? If you have just entered the world of orchids then your life is set the change forever. Don’t believe me? Give it time. I, like many millions of people around the world, am extremely passionate about orchids. This passion started with the first one. You will want to learn about orchid care so that your orchids stay strong.

What to Consider Before Gardening Your Plants and Vegetables

The options available to you when starting out gardening. Learn how to make the right gardening choices so that your garden can be as good as possible.

5 Gardening Tips For Maintaining & Taking Care of Your Garden

Landscaping for a re-design of your home’s exterior appearance can be a good investment if done right. But getting a landscaping job without first taking care of your garden can result in a look that doesn’t look appealing. So your garden plays a pivotal part in the makeover that you’re ready to delve into, and it will also help for better structure of your lawn.

Wormery Tips – Make Your Worm Farm Successful

For those of you who just recently heard about wormeries and now owns one, we thought you’d be glad to find out a couple of tips that can make your job easier and your worms happier. So we did a little research and gathered a list of tips for you.

Why You Should Start Small When Beginning Gardening

The benefits of starting small with your gardening efforts. Learn how to take the proper measures to have the garden that you want in no time at all.

How to Build Your Own Wormery Or Worm Farm

If you just heard about the magic of those ecological wormeries and you thought to yourself “I gotta have one of these!” and then “but I’m not ready to pay for it, what if something goes wrong?”, then you should probably know you can also build your own wormery at home, with a minimum of materials.

Wormery Issues – How Can I Keep My Worms Working?

If you just purchased or built your very first Wormery and you’re very excited about seeing the miracle of composting happen, then you have to make sure your worms are well prepared for this job. After all, digging through all these layers of organic waste is no easy quest! So what else is there to do?

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