Tiny Worm Bin 4th feeding. More red wiggler worms visible as I feed fruits, veggies, coffee & grit.

Tiny Worm Bin 4th feeding. More red wiggler worms visible as I feed fruits, veggies, coffee & grit.

Aquaponic Farming – More Than Just A Hobby

As you probably already discovered, having your own garden and growing crops can be quite an intensive activity. It requires a lot of work, time and resources. However, there is a simple manner of growing these organic crops right in your home, garage or backyard.

Where Trees Live

Trees are a part of nature and life. They take what’s negative and harmful in our air and replace it with what’s positive and healthy. They give us fruit, shade, paper, oxygen and life. Everywhere you travel in the world you will come across different kinds of trees.

How to Get Rid Of Spider Mites Outdoors

Have you noticed small, rust-colored specks on your patio or your garden plants? Have you noticed that some of your vegetation has become limp, discolored, and are prone to losing leaves prematurely? Have you noticed what appear to be small spiderwebs on the undersides of the plant leaves?

Planting Strawberries in Your Home Vegetable Garden

This year marks the first year I added strawberries to my home vegetable garden. In fact I started my strawberries from seed. Through my own account, and the success I am having with them this year, I wanted to post what I did that yielded to me some great results.

Tomato Garden Worms and Pests

The thought of having your hard efforts in planting your tomato garden destroyed by pests is every gardener’s worst nightmare. If you take the proper precautions, learn some of the early signs of troubles, and take care to keep your soil healthy, you can avoid the dreaded destruction by pests in you garden. I’ll give you some tips and techniques on how to prevent and eliminate common tomato garden worms and insect pests for any climate or region.

Hydroponics: A New, Unique Way of Growing Plants

Plants have always been a hot topic of research, especially as their growth and the factors regulating them are concerned. A lot of effort grows into studying them and related factors. One of the latest results, or rather breakthroughs, in this field is the discovery that plants, even terrestrial, have the potential to grow without soil.

Mini Herb Garden Extensions

As I researched the particulars of maintaining a mini herb garden I found out that herbs have been a part of our lives for centuries. Not only used for flavoring foods but for uses that include medicinal, perfuming and dye making. The maintenance of my tiny garden did not come with a long list of requirements. The most important fact was to make sure which herbs required a healthy dose of sun and which flourished with shade.

When to Pick Tomatoes for the Best Flavour and Longest Storage

After caring for your tomato plants for such a long time, watching them grow, watering them daily, fending off pests, fungi and disease, now it’s time to harvest your juicy crop, and knowing exactly when to pick tomatoes is very important. After all you want to pick your tomatoes at exactly the right moment, picking too early or too late can mean a less juicy, tasty harvest.

Tips To Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

How can I make my yard more inviting and relaxing? The most important thing to remember is to surround yourself with the things you enjoy. Your decorating choices should reflect your personal taste.

6 Nasty Tomato Plant Pests

Pests and diseases are enemies of any plant since they inhibit the absorption and flow of nutrients. Without the essential nutrients, the plants’ life is at stake! If you want your tomato plant to grow healthily and bear fruits that are juicy and tasty, you will need to know what kind of pests you are dealing with.

Growing Beans at Home

Beans are both delicious and nutritious, and they are easy to grow at home. But there are different types of beans and you need to know the difference both in terms of the crop you can expect and the conditions in which they will thrive.

Ancient History of the Potato

The potato has a fascinating, if rather contradictory history that goes back many centuries. Now considered to be the world’s fourth most important crop (after wheat, rice and maize), the potato (Solanum tuberosum) originally grew wild throughout the South American Andes.

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