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Useful Flower Gardening Information

Once the leaves have died back, bulblets can be removed. These should be stored in a cool and dry place until it is time to plant in the fall. The foliage should always be left until the plant has died back completely, and only removed when the leaves can be easily pulled off. This is the only way of guaranteeing a profusion of flowers for the next year. If the withered leaves get in the way when mowing the lawn, simply tie them up in bunches and mow around them.

A Typical Garden Layout

You will find a lawn in 80 per cent of Britain’s gardens. It is a prominent feature – grass covers an average of 1,000 sq. ft. which is about half of the total area in a lot of gardens. Once upon a time a power mower was a luxury, but these days over 50 per cent of gardeners have one.

How To Kill Weeds Naturally With Cheap or Free Household Products

If you are looking for ways to control the growth of unsightly weeds in and around your garden, you can choose to purchase off the shelf chemicals to treat the problem or if you would prefer an environmentally friendly option, you can try out one of the many natural solutions. Here are some natural remedies that you can try in order to eliminate this problem. These all involve the use of common household products.

Pruning Climbing Roses: Recommended Steps

Pruning climbing roses is vital because they follow a certain growth pattern and they need to be pruned well and on time. Pruning your climbing roses, first and foremost, allows new growth; you get to supply new buds that blossom into flowers. Second, you get rid of any old and diseased bits that would otherwise hinder the healthy growth of your rose bushes.

A Typical English Garden

Your garden might cover many acres with a stately home in the middle of it, or it may be no bigger than the smallest room in that grand house. In either case, it is your garden to change, care for and use as a refuge from a world filled with many stress factors.

The 2-Hour Gardening Week

In the midst of a busy, bustling life a garden can provide relaxing respite from life’s demands. And yet, a complicated finicky garden can quickly become overwhelmingly high-maintenance. Installing a low-maintenance garden allows you to really enjoy your time spent tending the trees, shrubs and lawn that make up your landscaping.

Get Rid of Aphids The Easy Way

Are aphids destroying your plants and crops? If so, use this simple technique to get rid of the critters quickly and easily.

Down and Dirty: Big Fat Worms

Want juicy cantaloupe? Roses that actually bloom? Every successful gardener knows the sight of slimy slithering, twitching Earth worms is a sign of rich, healthy soil.

Useful Flower Guide For Gardening

This plant flowers in the fall. Colors vary according to species, pale blue to dark violet with darker stripes or white with orange stripes. It has an orange stigma. This plant prefers a sunny location on well-drained soil. Plant in the summer. An under-demanding garden companion.

Sitting In My Garden

Come sit with me for awhile. Let’s enjoy a garden with the bright beautiful colored flowers. Sitting here on a garden bench.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

A lot of people are looking for safe, yet effective ways to eliminate pests in the home vegetable garden. Diatomaceous earth gives you the ability to do just that. Here is some information on what it is, how it works, and where you can get it from.

Heirloom Tomatoes for Soup

Tomato soup is a popular dish that can be made from fresh garden tomatoes. This soup can then be frozen or canned for use during the cold winter months. Heirloom tomatoes will provide unique flavor for any soup recipe.

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