Tiny Worm Bin Still Too Dry! + Mite Time Lapse | Vermicompost Worm Farm

Tiny Worm Bin Still Too Dry! + Mite Time Lapse | Vermicompost Worm Farm

Tips For Growing Vegetables Indoors

Growing vegetables in containers can be a satisfying hobby that saves you money. When you have little or no outdoor space, try these tips for growing your own organic vegetables indoors.

Flower and You – Tips For Gardeners

Whether you are a beginner gardener or a seasoned gardener, gathering gardening tips to make your time in the garden easier is always a good thing. In the article below are 15 tips that will make your time in the garden easier. Some of the tips are common sense, while others may sound a bit strange.

Your Home Tomato Garden – The 7 Key Factors

So what exactly are the key factors to have a thriving tomato garden, or any garden for that matter, at home? A few friends and I were tossing this subject around the other day… actually we were talking about the things that make a difference to our gardening efforts… and it got me thinking.

Four Expert Lighting Tips – How to Grow Orchids Indoors and Out!

If you are looking for advice on how to grow orchids indoors, there are four things that you absolutely must know. Orchids are delicate plants and are notorious for their needs and specific care requirements. However, the notion that only expert plant growers can yield award winning orchids is downright wrong.

Gardening in Arizona – An Adjustment

Having grown up and lived in the Midwest for a number of years, one of the adjustments we had to make when we moved to Arizona was figuring out how to take care of the yard.  Many people who don’t live here, think it is easy – just have some plants and a lot of rock in your yard and only water the plants.

Which Orchid Types Are Best For Beginning Growers?

You like the idea of having an orchid plant in your home or office, but not sure where to begin. Here is list of plants and a short description to help you with your decision.

Orchid Care – The Basics

The orchid has the same needs as any plant, namely water, food, a certain amount of warmth and light. Not all orchids need the same type of care but all have these basic requirements. Most orchids sold for the home grower are no more demanding than any other house plant as long as you follow some simple rules.

Compost Tea Bags – Best Organic Fertilizer For Hydroponic Nutrients and Container Gardening

Compost tea is a nutritionally rich “extract” of microbes, enzymes and bio-active plant compounds made from compost. It is a true organic fertilizer.

Putting Up a Kitchen Herb Garden – The Basics

A kitchen herb garden is best designed when you know the different characteristics and uses of different herb plants. Identifying them before they are planted is a very important thing to do.

An Orchids How to Care Plan – Five Easy Steps

There are typically five key things to think about when caring for orchids. This guides walks you through the basics of watering, fertilizer, temperature, repotting and using the correct potting media.

Orchid’s Pots Should Be Changed Regularly

Orchid repotting is not difficult or much different from the techniques used for other plants, but the supplies you will need are specific for this family of exotic flowering plants. There are culture tips and supply houses on line, so you can easily get the exact tools that you will need.

The Secret to Growing Orchids Indoors

Get your orchid to grow the way you want, the easy way. This article firstly lists the orchids that are most suited for indoor growing, and then explains how to care for your chosen orchid plant. Our step by step guide will provide you with the basic, non- technical information necessary for you to create the ideal conditions for your indoor orchid.

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