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Jobs to Do in the Garden During March

There is an old saying that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. This refers to March as being a little bit unpredictable, with strong winds and heavy showers. Even a sharp frost can catch you out this month. But when the sun does shine this month it has some real warmth in it and the garden responds with spring bulbs and new growth almost everywhere you look. As the days become longer and the soil starts to warm up again, so those jobs in the garden start to increase. There is a lot of sense in the advice that if you get on top of things in the garden during March, the rest of the growing season will run smoothly. Here are some of the main jobs to be getting on with in March.

Aquaponics and Water Chemistry

Water chemistry can be really quite simple, and water needs to be understood to have a successful aquaponic system. It is the only substance found on the earth naturally in three forms; solid, liquid and gas. The state of water is controlled by the speed of its molecules. A molecule being the smallest particle of a substance which can still retain its physical and chemical identity.

Seed Planting and the Planting Date

Have you ever been so stir crazy with the winter blues that you just had to plant something? You just had to get soil underneath your fingernails and seeds in the ground.

Imagine a Garden Without Living Plants

Making some new decisions regarding, outdoor and indoor gardening, designers find that with artificial plants, flowers and trees that they are the loveliest additions in any surrounding. Such plants will suit and fit into every type and place, a restaurant or your own home.

The House and Garden of Your Dreams

Every person who owns a house pays special attention to the look and appearance. We decorate and paint our houses in order to make them as lovely as possible. To be at home means for the most, that people need to experience their home as a comfortable place, surrounded by the people you love.

Greenhouse Gardening: New Reasons for an Old Tradition

There is a lot of renewed interest in acquiring gardening skills by a whole new generation of people that want more for themselves and their families. Some of the reasons for learning gardening are part of the same thought processes that motivated their parents, grandparents and earlier family generations.

Aquaponic System

I first became interested in aquaponics gardening while teaching elementary science to fifth graders. One of the units was teaching ecosystems and how living and nonliving things depended upon each other for survival and existence. I began the unit by taking the students on…

5000K CFL – Full Spectrum Light in a Compact Fixture

Full spectrum has two distinct meanings when it comes to light. The first is how it works in nature. The second is how it works in electric light bulbs. In nature, the sun is the main source of light. The term covers all forms of light across the electromagnetic spectrum.

A Brown Thumb Gardener’s Guide to Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting seeds inside is easy and helps one stay on their gardening budget. There are only a few supplies required and most of these can be found around the home or at your local home improvement or nursery center.

Environmental Benefits of Using Artificial Grass

The use of artificial grass doesn’t just have to be for aesthetic purposes. Installing synthetic lawns can also be of great benefit to the environment and dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of each home, school, council property, etc. With large focus being placed on environmental issues in recent years, environmentalists are constantly finding new ways to reduce the levels of water being used in such areas as the garden.

Adding Warmth and Character to Any Home

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a traditional home or a modern one; you want to add some warmth and character to make your house yours. The ability to buy carpets online may be a good plan to add the warmth and comfort you want, while adding warm coloured paint to the walls and comfortable furniture can add to the character that you desire. Adding warmth to a home is so much easier than you think.

Tadmor Raspberry Canes – An Amazing New Breed

Gardeners looking for a longer fruit season and an abundance of berries will be keen to get their hands on the latest variety of raspberry long canes. The result of a revolutionary breakthrough in breeding techniques in New Zealand, Tadmor raspberry canes produce bigger, sweeter and juicier fruit than other varieties, including the ubiquitous Tulameen. The long canes have the added advantage of producing fruit in the same year they are planted.

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