Underground Worm System in a Bucket Setup Flooding!?! 10/28/2021

Potted Herb Gardens

There are a variety of ways and reasons to grow potted herb gardens, and they may well be the best way to grow herbs for many people. Whether the gardener is in a high rise in the city, traveling on the road in an RV, has a backyard garden, or lives in the country, every one of them can benefit from growing some herbs in containers.

Window Flower Boxes and Other Home Improvement Ideas

There are dozens of wonderful home decorating ideas that are available online but I have chosen three ideas that really caught my attention. There are window flower boxes, hanging baskets and glass terrariums to complete the list of some newly suggested home and gardening improvement ideas that we could add up to our theme at home.

Garden Tips for Spring – Getting Ready for Spring

After such a harsh winter, many of us have been left with our gardens in a terrible state. Clearing up and getting ready for spring is something many gardeners are forced to do each year but it is a good opportunity to think of green ways you can get rid of the waste and tidy up the garden. Throughout the year, much of the waste we dispose of in the garden, we simply throw in the waste bin, but much of the leaves, much, branches and grass clippings can be really useful.

PVC and Fiberglass Planters Are Good Alternatives For Wooden Planter Boxes

These planter boxes are great alternatives for wood because of their durability. These innovative modern planters can also perfectly copy the appearance of wood that you can never tell that they are not really made of the real thing.

LED Grow Lights Provide Dense Growth – Huge Benefits for Indoor Growers

Most plant strains that tend to stretch and grow very tall outdoors are difficult to grow indoors and limited the indoor gardener to short types of plants. New High Intensity LED Grow Lights have recently broken this rule by keeping tall lanky plants short and dense without sacrificing yield. What this means is if an indoor grower would like to grow a tomato plant that tents to stretch and become more like a vine, a High Intensity LED Light would allow that grower to grow that strain of plant without the stretch.

How Tomatoes Grow – Intentional Vs Chance

Individuals who are just starting out with the fruit growing industry will most likely bump into a few obstacles every now and then. Those obstacles can be minimized by making sure that you prepare thoroughly before engaging any type of fruit. Tomatoes are one of the many fruits that require intense and surefire preparation. Green thumb or no green thumb, you need have the expertise needed to grow these tomatoes.

Why Should You Build a Greenhouse?

Building a greenhouse requires time, money and planning. Do the benefits outweigh these costs?

Get A Start On Spring With A Cold Frame

If you have never used a cold frame this is the year you should try it. A cold frame is easy to build but what it does for you is more important than what takes to build one so lets go over the why you want to use one first.

Miltonia Orchids – 3 Tricks to Make Your Miltonias Smell Amazing

If you are looking for orchids that look and smell amazing, then you probably want miltonias. But the only way to get that amazing smell is to give them the proper care. Find out the 3 simple things you must do to achieve aroma heaven.

Cymbidium Orchids – 10 Essentials for Growing Stunning Cymbidiums

Cymbidiums are said to be the exception to the rule when it comes to orchid care. Among the types of orchids, this is one that can grow freely outside the confinement of greenhouses and similar structures. In fact, because it thrives so well outdoors, it has been a favorite garden plant.

Types of Peppers to Plant in Your Garden

Peppers are relatively easy to grow in your home garden, and there are many different varieties from which to choose. Here are the 10 best types of sweet, hot, and bell peppers to plant in your garden.

The Distinctive Features of Metal Commercial Planters

In making our gardens look beautiful, we all want to use the best planter boxes, accessories or furniture to create an overall pleasing appearance. Beautiful plants will not be emphasized if we only use ordinary planters.

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