Urban Worm Bag: Post-Harvest & Feeding

Urban Worm Bag: Post-Harvest & Feeding

Backyard Habitats – Nesting Boxes

While it’s still winter time, this is the best time to be thinking about creating your own backyard wildlife habitat. Today’s article is on nesting boxes. What’s that, you ask?

How Bad Is Rose Disease, Really?

A Rose Disease and Pest list to scare you combined with some sound reassuring advise to encourage you and keep your roses healthy. When a novice rose gardener starts reading the long list of rose diseases and pests they might well want to reconsider embarking on growing roses. Their vision of spending a leisurely time tending beautiful healthy roses that are flowering profusely in their rose garden.

Growing With a Hydroponics Box

Nowadays, hydroponic grow boxes and kits are readily available to the public, and have a very wide price margin. This article discusses the various price scales and what they include.

Are Perfect Lawns Really Needed?

Maybe the question should be why have lawns at all? This may be a bit of a touchy subject considering the amount of manpower, money, and other resources just the average homeowner puts into trying to maintain the dark green patch around their homes. Actually until the last half of the 18th century there was really no grass out side the average home front door in the United States was either a cottage garden or just packed earth.

Orchid Care And Maintenance

Orchids are valued for their stunning and exquisite blooms. They can actually thrive anywhere except Antarctica. Because they vary greatly, it would be a very interesting hobby to collect them and take care of such precious collections.

Deep Water Culture Hydroponics: Where Cost Effectiveness and Reliability Meet

Of all the hydroponic systems in use today, deep water culture is by far the cheapest and most reliable. Deep water culture is a method of hydroponic gardening where plant’s roots are submerged in a water reservoir 24 hours per day. Why does this not kill the plant? You may ask, well when nutrients and an air stone are added to the water, the plant treats the water just like high grade soil.

Well Water – Maintenance and Protection

Well water is water that is beneath the earths surface that fills void spaces between sediment particles, and bedrock fractures. When precipitation falls to the grounds surface, it infiltrates the soil, if the soil conditions permit, this moisture will eventually percolate its way into the ground to the zone of saturation, or aquifer.

Helpful Tips In Rose Gardening

There is no question as to the beauty of a rose. You can see them in any occasion from the christening of a child to a person’s funeral. With roses, you feel romantic, sweet and forgiving.

Hobby Greenhouse Kits Can Be Great For The Amateur Gardener

If you are an amateur gardener you may have thought many times about buying a greenhouse but have been put off by the fact that you may think building a greenhouse is a difficult task, and will need a lot of preparation in the garden. This is true, but only to a certain extent, since there are now many hobby greenhouse kits on the market which are perfect for those who want a simple structure for some basic gardening. This article will discuss some of the advantages of this style and what needs to be considered before buying one.

Gardening Orchids With The Proper Facts

In order to grow orchids you must understand some basic orchid care facts. Discover all the facts and information that you need to begin gardening orchids today. Read this article right now to find out everything you must know to begin growing beautiful and magnificent orchid blooms immediately.

Garden Information and Water Conservation Facts With Rain Barrels

Have you ever used a rain barrel for your garden? Well, you should try using one at home, as it can definitely help you keep in some extra water for your house and gardening needs. You may very well use rain water for watering your plants, washing your pets, washing your car, and more. There are also a lot of water conservation facts with rain barrels, since it can help you conserve plenty of water. So, read on further to learn more about these facts.

5 Things You Should Take Into Consideration When Building an Aquaponic System

Setting up an aquaponic system, although quite an easy task, requires some basic knowledge of aquaponics. If you have decided to install such a system in your house, then you probably know what this is and how it could help you. However, there may still be things which can interest or help you. Below you will find 5 essential things which you should know in order to obtain spectacular results.

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