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The Art of Landscape Gardening and Site Design: Good Transition in the Landscape

Any good Landscape Architect should be able to offer complete construction detail drawings, but the study of history in the art of landscape garden design is equally important. When we learn what came before us, we then have a platform from which we can design something new that will keep a timeless appeal. Through my own studies of the art of landscape gardening, I have developed this general approach to layout.

Your Selected Flowers – What to Grow to Maintain Available Supply

To grow your selected flowers for home use or market, you need to select which one are suited with your soil, climate and demand in your community. You’re planting them for pleasure and home needs, but in most cases to supply the market local needs in your place. Before you start with your flower venture, take consideration to check the type of soil your garden possesses. Does your soil fit for growing flowers?

Turn Your Garden Into an Outdoor Living Room With a Pergola

For families who love to spend a lot of time at home, sometimes a little extra room is needed. A cleverly designed pergola can be the answer to space problems. With the right planning and construction, a pergola can provide you with a different kind of living space – an outdoor room.

Top Ten Reasons to Start a Hydroponics Garden

What come to mind when you think of Hydroponics? Here is a good list to get you started.

Iris – Tips for Successful Growing

The Iris is a much adored and truly versatile plant. A popular plant, the Iris is often used in a wide range of garden designs and styles, yet it never looks out of place. Irises are statuesque plants that bloom on often-tall flower spikes and as the family is quite large there is an Iris for most situations.

Shhh – A Small Secret You May Not Know About Types of Orchids

Many people know that Orchids belongs to a large family, but you will be surprised there are only two basic types. What are they? Why don’t you come and read this interesting article. I am sure it’s one of the well kept and hidden secrets about orchids.

Hydroponics Vs Traditional – Which Is Ideal for You?

Hydroponics is set aside from traditional gardening. To begin, there is no soil involved in the growing of plants. The theory is that this is a more productive method to supply food and water to the plants.

10 Best Herb Plants Ideal for Indoor Gardening

Herb planting is one of the most promising venture you can engage in your indoor garden. Being a herbalist, you’ll enjoy the aromatic smell of most herbal plants and a good ingredients in all your dishes. It’s important to have your available supply of these herbs in your home, so that anytime you need them, they’re always at hand.

Build A Greenhouse

If you want to build a greenhouse, you should be careful planning, the final choice of the greenhouse will depend on the growing space desired, Home architecture, available sites, and costs. Backyards, rooftops, crop production fields, from the Arctic Circle to the equator – almost every climate and environment can benefit from some kind of greenhouse. Controlling the environment in these greenhouses can mean more heat, more shade, supplemental lights, insect screens, etc.

Buy Poppies – Plant Poppy Seeds To Attract Wildlife

For any wildlife gardener, attracting creatures to your garden is essential, and one of the best ways to do this is to buy poppies. Incorporating such fantastic plants into wildflower meadows, nectar rich flower borders, or organic vegetable patches, can be key to attracting insects and encouraging a flourishing eco system.

3 Tips for Choosing a Garden Hose Reel

Every keen gardener has a lot of watering to do in summer, and every keen gardener knows what a chore hose management can be. There’s a simple way, read on to find out more.

Poppy Seeds for Sale – Brighten Containers by Using Poppies

One of the best ways to use poppy seeds for sale is to incorporate them into containers and window boxes. While many varieties of poppy flowers can be used throughout the garden in beds, borders, and rock gardens, there are a great number of species which are fantastic for container displays. Areas such as gazebos, patios, and windowsills can often look a little drab and boring. However, with the joyful colors of poppies brightening the area, a smile will be brought to any face. And what better way than to return home to a porch infected by the vibrant color of poppies.

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