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The Blueberry Mania

What is it about the blueberry plant that has become so popular? Commercial of this product have been flooding the late night shows and internet and I am sure that the company marketing them has made a nice bundle of cash. Most of the reviews you come across on the net are false and fabricated. They have been written to help sales of the product. Most reviews are biased and suffer from several inconsistencies.

Truth About Garden Landscaping Design

You need to make it more personal and lively by putting in place a well designed garden landscaping design. This will not come easy. You will need to ensure that your garden soil is compelling enough to support your gardening.

How Does a Clone Machine Work?

If you are into gardening, whether it be indoors or outdoors, cloning is a very interesting process that allows you to literally clone a specific plant to create another plant with the same characteristics. By taking a small clipping and using a clone machine, you can transform the plant clipping into a completely new, independent plant.

Homemade Humidity Dome – Extremely Easy to Make

Humidity domes are important to keep the humidity high for fresh cuttings trying to root. High humidity is necessary for fast clone rooting. Make your own humidity dome from things around your house.

Repotting Orchids – 3 Golden Rules of (Green) Thumb

A chore that many plant owners find tiresome and sometimes challenging, repotting orchids is a vital step in the process of working towards ensuring the survival of your orchids. Orchids that are repotted on a regular basis will not only have more room to spread their roots but will also have more freedom to grow and thrive.

Where to Find the Best Orchids and Orchid Information

It used to be difficult to find a reputable orchid supplier not so long ago. However with the popularity of orchids today there are now lots of options available to find a good plant and good orchid information.

Guide – How to Mix Fertilizer – Mixing Nutrients in a Hydroponic Reservoir

Mix your hydroponics nutrients into your water before adding to your reservoir. Hydroponic nutrient solution needs to be well mixed so that all feedings are identical.

Wedding Orchids and 3 Tips For Using Orchids

Orchid is one of the most suitable flowers that you can use of your wedding. Not only is it “durable”, there are many exotic orchids which brings out the elegance of your big day. Learn how to use orchid in this very special occasion.

Design Your Garden

Before designing any garden our first and foremost concern is to allocate the appropriate space in the garden. Whenever you aim to design a garden, bear these three points in your mind.

Problems Growing Tomatoes – 5 Simple Steps to Avoid Them

Setting up a new tomato garden? This article discusses the all important parts of doing so that must be known and followed. Great advice that will be of particular value to the novice gardener.

Complete Understanding of Orchids – Cymbidium!

Read this article and learn the most essential information needed to understand Cymbidium Orchids. Expert advice on caring for this beautiful flowering plant is revealed. How to ensure beautiful blooms, including what you must do save your plant for the next season! How to provide the correct climate and temperature, watering essentials, creating ideal lighting, and more are all covered!

How to Arrange a Small Garden

A small garden does not mean that you have less work to do or do not have to be particularly attentive to small details, seemingly insignificant which otherwise you would ignore. On these details will depend on the outcome.

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