VermiBag and Urban Worm Bag “Trashy” Update

What Is Bonsai?

The Japanese adopted bonsai from the Chinese where it first appeared almost two thousand years ago, as pun-sai. The literal meaning of the word bonsai is tree-in-a-pot.

Gardening Gifts – Ideas For The Holidays

Any gardening gifts would be appreciated by your friend who is a garden enthusiast because these will be useful for their passion. But of course, we want to give the best for the people we love and care for that is why we search for something special. The above-mentioned gardening gifts are very useful not only for their garden but also for their home.

A Basic Overview of Hydroponics and LED Lighting

A popular modern day hub around professional planting is called hydroponics. This is a technique of growing with no soil simply using the nutrient solutions found in h2o or natural as well as the utilization of gardening illumination. Cultivating plants using the method of photosynthesis encourages plant growth as well as endurance.

Santolina Herb For Dry Gardens Repels Insects

Santolina is the name given to several perennial flowering plants in the aster family. The genus Santolina has several members, two of which are popular with gardeners. The Santolinas are generally referred to as ‘cotton lavender’ or ‘lavender cotton’ because of the wispy or cottony appearance of the foliage, which may also have a silvery look that reminds one of lavender plants.

Bark – Organic Gardening

Bark is great for domestic gardens. Bark is also great for landscapers. Equally, it is great for organic gardening.

Turnips for Your Home Vegetable Garden

Whether you grow them for their greens or the root they are best when harvested in cooler temperatures. You can plant turnips in the midsummer time and have them ready in the autumn months. Turnips also make for a great spring crop in your home vegetable garden.

Bark – To Bark Or Not To Bark

Bark is a superb addition to a garden. It has ornamental, drought and frost protection and water retention properties. But, best of all, it save a lot of time and effort in the garden.

Paphiopedilum Orchids

Paphiopedilum orchids constitute a noteworthy orchid species. In this article, I discuss several features of paphiopedilums along with some useful tips on how to grow this remarkable orchid plant at home.

7 Easy Steps to Installing a Drip Irrigation System

In the 21st century water is becoming more and more a scarce natural resource. Some water experts claim that in the not so distant future, wars will probably break out over issues related to water. Whether or not you live in a region where water is scarce today or not does not matter; because, shifting weather patterns, desertification and other factors can quickly transform regions that have abundant rain and water resources into dry, dusty and water scarce regions in a few years. As more people have started supplementing their food resources by growing their own organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and grains; it is also important for you to employ better ways to water your garden that helps conserve as much water as possible. Drip irrigation enables you to water your organic or conventional garden that saves a lot more water than conventional watering (garden hose or sprinklers) and automate it. This article shows you 7 easy steps to install a drip irrigation system.

The Right Fertilizer for Your Rose Garden

Roses are powerful plants which make a solid requisition on the food reserves present in the soil. An agenda to manure must be pursued and it should take the shape of a well balanced diet. Avoid using natural manures freshly for example a dung is a manure and it should be kept aside for few days for the straw to be get rotten and the rankness is lost from the manure.

Creating A Comfortable Garden

It takes a lot of patience and great determination to see that work you have done in the backyard turn into a beautiful garden that your friend and family can be comfortable with and admire. That is how your work is rewarded. People will bask in patio furniture outside in the garden because it will be a pleasant place to sit.

Flower Window Boxes For Limited Gardening Spaces

Flower window boxes are a great way to grow our plants even if we don’t have a back or front yard. Using decorative window boxes can even make our home or apartment windows more beautiful and attractive. Choose a design that will best match with the color and beauty of your flowers to create a stunning home exterior.

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