Vermibag Max – Feeding Larger and More Quickly!! 05/10/2022

Vermibag Max - Feeding Larger and More Quickly!! 05/10/2022

The Only Way to Trim a Hedge

Trimming your hedges is a necessary chore to keep them in order and looking at their best. If you go to a home improvement store there are as many different methods of doing this as there are types of hedges.

Growing Perennials

Perennials should be considered permanent residents of the garden and so soil improvement should be carried out before planting. If you are planting a new bed, dig the area thoroughly and remove all weeds and other debris, including the roots of perennial weeds.

Aftercare of Perennials

Maintaining beds and borders is part of the enjoyment of gardening, and gives you a chance to examine the perennials thoroughly, to check on their general health and well being and to admire their beauty at close quarters. Once they are established, perennials do not require regular feeding unless they are growing on poor soil or are becoming congested.

Which Way to Buy Annuals?

Whether you decide to grow annuals from seed or buy them as plants will probably depend on the amount of money and time you have, how big an area you intend to cover and the time of year you start. Plants should be compact and, unless naturally colored, should have healthy green leaves. Avoid any plants with unnaturally yellowing foliage, a sign of starvation, or a blue tinge to the outer leaves, which is a tell tale sign that the plant has been allowed to get too cold.

Herb Kits – The Most Practical Way to Start Your Garden

Purchasing herb kits is the most practical way to become a very successful herb gardener. The kits will also serve as your ‘teacher’ who will guide you in establishing your very first garden — in your backyard, on your windowsill or even in pots and containers.

10 Tips to Growing the Best Tomato Plants

As I have said many times before, growing plants is mostly about good preparation and practices. With a nice routine that suits the plant that you are growing and the conditions that you have in your garden you can be quietly confident of a successful, hassle free, gardening experience most of the time.

Growing an Italian Herb Garden For Fresh Herbs All Summer Long

Growing an Italian herb garden will give you information about the best herbs for cooking the best Italian dishes. Italy is now in the world map for its amazing food preparations that have delighted millions of food lovers worldwide. This is also the main reason why culinary herbs in this country also flourish.

Ladybugs – Best Enemies of Aphids

Ladybugs or Ladybird beetles are helpful in controlling pest in your garden. They feed about 50 aphids a day. They are best enemies of aphids.

Which Orchid Pot is Best For Your Plant?

Find out about which orchid pot suits your orchid type and your environment. Determine the advantages of each orchid pot and choose the right one!

6 Tips in Growing Winter Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes on winter? Are they possible?

How to Avoid Problems Growing Tomatoes?

Whenever one needs to start planting tomatoes in their garden, they should check on the different factors to avoid problems growing tomatoes, like they only develop in warm soil and are sensitive to frost. A temperature regulated between 75 – 95 degrees is suitable for growing tomatoes. Temperature tells whether it is best to plant or not. Below 57 degrees Fahrenheit, it will cease tomato growth and disease can be encountered.

At Home With Orchid Propagation

Here is a simpler method to propagating orchids that is no more difficult than propagating your house plants. Just follow the steps and your orchids will give you more blooms and be much happier.

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