Vermibag Max – Harvesting the Bag and adding LAB 03/21/2022

Vermibag Max - Harvesting the Bag and adding LAB 03/21/2022

Starting Compost the Right Way Leads to Success

How does kitchen waste turn into healthy, productive soil that will grow just about anything? Actually it really is quite simple. Read the tips in this article, start all over again, and you’ll soon be an expert at making great compost.

The Shepherds Hut Is The New Must Have Designer Garden Accessory!

Up until a short while ago, I had no idea as to what a shepherds hut was. Whilst I was not alone in my ignorance, there are actually an increasing number of people who are buying them as trendy items for their gardens. Aesthetically the traditional huts were not that attractive to the eye. They were built to be practical rather than pretty!

Raising Worms for Profit

Some people might actually find earthworms as these slimy and disgusting crawlers. But composters, farmers, and gardeners alike find this impression the other way around. How to build a worm farm can be made easy as well (for a start-up), as long as you know the basics to it. And since breeding red worms have been consciously done by a lot of people nowadays, it truly has paved a way for raising worms for profit.

Herb Plants – Discover Its Wonderful Uses

Understanding carefully how herbs contribute to a healthy lifestyle will pave the way for you to start experiencing these plants and their countless uses. There are certain herbs which have specific purposes, and learning how to properly identify them is a great way to start.

Simple Lawn Care Mistakes You Do Not Need To Make

Caring for your lawn is a big deal. Find out how you can prevent the most common lawn care mistakes.

Why Buy Roses Online?

The online shopping trend has not skipped a single sector in the business world and the flower-, thus the rose industry is no exception. Today, you as a buyer can browse through the web, find an online florist and order your favourite roses according to your budget and needs.

The Top Problems You Will Encounter With Lawn Care

Your lawn needs proper nutrition so the soil you use is important. But that is not all that you need to know.

Lettuce Is an Easy-Grow Vegetable for Your Organic Garden

Lettuce is an easy-grow vegetable that comes in many varieties. Learn how to grow it in garden plots or containers to ensure you have a constant supply for the table.

How Much Light Does My Orchid Need? The Answer Could Save Your Orchid

How much light and shade should you give your orchid? This is probably one of the most frequent questions I get emailed about. Usually it’s an S.O.S email because the orchid has wilted or the leaves on the plant have burnt and it’s dying.

Natural Pest Control – Use Azamax To Protect Your Family’s Garden

Azamax is great as a preventative and active pest control option. OMRI Certified organic pest control sprays are great for indoor gardens. The application is quick and easy.

Advice on the Various Gardening Products Available to Buy

The garden can be a wonderful place to spend time all year round. Whether you are spending time with your family, indulging in a hobby or socialising with your friends, the garden is a great place to do it. That is why it is important to make sure you take care of your garden so you can enjoy it.

Different Orchid Types – The Two Basics That Define Them All

There are over 30,000 different species of orchids. Knowing the two basic orchid types will help you effectively determine which orchid family you want to grow. From there it is a matter of just choosing one from that family, a few simple steps, and a gorgeously bloomed orchid ready to enjoy!

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