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Reduce the Exposure to Pesticides – Grow Your Own Vegetables

One great way of reducing the exposure to pesticides is to plant your own vegetable garden. The more people that do this, the demand for commercially grown vegetables would eventually decline. This would then mean that the commercial vegetable growers would have no reason to expand their plantations therefore reducing the need to use more pesticides and chemical feeds and no reason to destroy vast areas of land which in turn destroys the habitats of wild animals and harms our environment.

How to Build a Rooftop Garden

When thinking about building a rooftop garden their are so many different variables to consider. The overall climatic conditions at the given site dictate the planting requirements and choice of plants, and influence the design considerations for a successful rooftop garden. Every single rooftop has its own micro climate. This means that each rooftops conditions are specific to the site as influenced by its orientation.

Making More Out of Your Garden

Gardens are beautiful places to be, especially in the summertime. But sometimes having plants and neat borders is just not enough.

Grow Indoor Garden Effectively

Growing indoor plants is a great idea. You can grow different colored flowers that directly add a sense of visual appeal to the entire house.

Treat Powdery Mildew on Bee Balm

Provide bee balm with a lot of room to breathe in the garden. Good air circulation all around them is important, because they are susceptible to powdery mildew, or mold. Here are a few ways to treat powdery mildew on already-infected bee balm plants, as well as a little bit about preventing it.

Lighting Up The Garden

With the continual early sunset meaning it gets dark by about 4 or 5 in the afternoon, you need to think about lighting for the garden, either for working late into the day, or just for making the trip back to the house after a day of planting. Even if you’ve only got a short trip, perhaps from the house to the garage, at night even a small amount of light can be beneficial to make sure you get there and back safely.

Where To Place Your Shed In The Garden

Once you’ve got a shed ordered, or maybe even delivered already, one of the most important factors of the shed is where it will be placed. You might think you only need to decide whereabouts in the Garden the shed is placed, but you also need to think about the direction the shed is facing, along with the level of sunlight the shed will receive, or shade, if you prefer.

Tips For Growing a Potted Herb Garden

Once you’ve decided to grow your own herbs, there are some tips for growing a potted herb garden than will help you get started. It you carefully take these tips into consideration before you begin, you will find that success will be much easier to achieve. Know that if you have never grown anything but a weed before, there will be a learning curve, and you are very likely to end up killing something at least once.

How to Keep Your Container Plants Healthy!

Enjoying our container plants does not finish once the plant is ensconced in its pot. Healthy plants start from the correct choice of container, the right position for the plant and the right care. A well-planted and beautifully displayed selection of containers and plants is a thing of beauty and admiration. Some hints on how to produce such a beautiful display and along with it, admiration of your skills.

Determining Soil For Extreme Climates

When determining what kind of soil to use for the garden there are two different strategies each with their own set of pros and cons. The first option is using a less dense fluffy type soil to keep the overall weight down. The biggest side effect of using this fluffy soil is that over time it will condense seem like it is disappearing. Also you might have to worry that such soil could not support any substantially sized plants. The next option is using a dense soil that contains more rocks.

Growing Organic Carrots

Growing organic carrots is easy. We’re going to show you how to plant, grow, harvest, and store your carrots. We’ll show you how to prevent getting splits in your carrots. And reveal the secrets to getting sweet tender carrots, not tough, pithy ones.

Planning This Years Vegetable Garden

Well a new gardening year is fast approaching and it is time to plan for this years vegetable garden. If you are like me you always seem to end up with a lot more seeds than you have time or room to plant.

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