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There Are Only 2 Types of Orchids

With over 100,000 different species, there are really only 2 types of orchids. In this article learn not just what they are but also some other interesting facts about orchids. Then Get your hands dirty!

The Myth of the Anemone

Anemone is said to be the wind-flower. Writers say that it is a delicate flower that easily withers when the wind blows over it. There are others who claim that it only blooms when the wind blows on it. According to Greek mythology, Anemos, the wind, uses this fragile flower as an indication of his arrival in early spring while forests and hillsides still need foliage to break his breeze’s rude force.

Force Forsythia to Bloom

Forsythia is a good candidate if you want to force flowers to bloom. It is a woody plant that is vulnerable to forcing. It is important that you are aware when to force the flowers to blossom before you actually do it. The months of February and March are perfect periods to force flowers.

Basic Facts in Planting Daffodils

Daffodils are flowers with trumpet-shaped corona at the center and a ring of petals. They are native to the Mediterranean region, Northern Africa and Middle East. The place of origin of daffodils simply determines the kind of care in planting them.

A Thriving Tomato Plant Garden – The 7 Essential Areas

Growing tomatoes? Here is a simple to follow guide to the 7 areas that you need to get right to have a thriving tomato garden.

How to Grow and Care For Heuchera Also Called Coral Bells

Why are Heuchera’s Plants becoming so popular? Well, the foliage outshines the bloom with most Heuchera’s, there is nothing like seeing all the different color combinations and contrasts.

Where Tulips Came From and What They Symbolize

Tulips make up the genus Tulipa and are the most admired of all garden flowers. They originated from Turkey and Persia for over ten decades ago. The Europeans came up with their common name from a Turkish word for gauze and Persian word for turban.

Growing and Propagating Dahlias

Dahlias are plants that can grow with heights ranging from one to five feet. If you wish to plant this type of flower, make sure to expose them constantly to the sun. Dahlias are lovers of the sunlight and they need adequate air circulation around them. The soil should also be fertile, soggy but well-drained, and rich in organic matter.

How to Plant Iris Flowers

Iris is a low maintenance type of plant that is so easy to grow. It has a lot of different colors and combinations that can grow perennial. There are regular irises that can make good cut flowers with their tall and strong stalks. Dwarf irises grow smaller about less than 8 inches high. This type of iris can grow better on flower beds and around the rock gardens.

Growing Garden Herbs That Can Flourish in Window Boxes, Containers Or Pots

Growing garden herbs can be rewarding in many ways. Early civilizations relied on herbs for medicinal, culinary, religious, political and beauty purposes. In China, herbs are among the integral components of Eastern medicine.

Hawthorn – Missouri’s State Flower

Hawthorn is Missouri’s official state flower emblem. It was Governor Arthur M. Hyde who signed the bill on March 16, 1923 naming it as their official flower. Hawthorn is a flower that belongs to the great rose family that bears the appearance of the apple group. It is known as the red or white haw that blossoms yellow green centers and outlines a white cluster.

The Significance of Lotus in Buddhism

Lotus is an immaculate flower in the Buddhist world. To some people, it may be just a simple ornamental plant but it has deep meaning among Buddhists. In Buddhism, the lotus is a symbol of the exact nature of beings. The true character of beings remains pure and stain-free from the mud of the earth and can only be understood through enlightenment.

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