You Can Find Great Bargains Online For Garden Seeds

When you search the internet you will discover that you can purchase just about anything online; garden seeds are just one of the great things that you will find and this makes it easy for planting because you can get a head start on the seasons then transfer them outdoors when weather permits. There are great deals that can be sought in online shopping, this also includes garden seeds; this will give you the opportunity to start your seeds indoors and as weather permits you can then transfer them outdoors.

Growing Plants With High Pressure Sodium Grow Lights

High pressure sodium grow lights are gas discharged lamps that produce light through the excited state of sodium. They have been the preferred lights for hydroponics and indoor gardens because of their high light output which is appropriate for growing plants. These lights emit wavelengths of yellow and red which are the ideal light wavelength requirements for photosynthesis.

Hydroponics – Definition, Historical Background, Advantages, Disadvantages, and Techniques

This article introduces the concept of hydroponics, a way to grow plants without using soil. It defines the term, gives a brief historical background, talks about the merits and demerits of the system, as well as the ways in which it is used.

Chicken Coop – Want Healthy Chickens?

If you want healthy chickens, this is a must read. The planning of the chicken coop or chicken house will make all the difference to both you and your chickens.

Winter Landscape Gardening Tips

During the winter months it is very easy to just sit in the warm and not bother with your garden, but this is actually when landscape gardeners recommend that this is a good time to take out those plants that you believe give you problems. Our Landscape Gardener from Sheffield goes over some of the best ways to approach this.

Where and When to Plant Fruit Trees

Knowing where and when to plant fruit trees is critical to your success in putting fruit trees on your property. No one wants to go to the trouble of planting a tree in hopes of having wonderful fresh fruit every year only to find they are disappointed with their results. Putting your trees in the ground when and where they can achieve optimal growth can go a long way to ensuring the best possible harvest.

Ideal Grounds To Grow Roses

The cutflower industry which includes roses is one of the most lucrative businesses today which may be attributed to the many reasons why flowers are given as gifts. All year-round there is Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Mother’s day, anniversaries, weddings, just to mention a few. Thus a large scale, high capital rose farming equipped with modern farming technology and process is required to be able to supply an adequate amount when great demands arise.

Kikuyu Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips for Lawn Mowing Contractors, Landscapers and Home Owners

Kikuyu Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips are a must for lawn mowing contractors, landscapers and home owners. Kikuyu Grass, like a lot of recreational turf grasses, is classified as a Warm Season turf. Warm Season grasses are different to Cool Season grasses in the way they grow.

How To Make Orchids Bloom – Which Fertilizer To Use?

So now you have yourself a beautiful orchid, or perhaps several, and you’d like to learn how to make orchids bloom. More than likely you have a perfectly healthy plant that you have been caring for properly. You’ve been making sure that its rootballs get thoroughly soaked at least once a week and that it receives sufficient light. All is good, except for that fact that perhaps that beauty just doesn’t get on with the blooming. Well my friend, you have the power to turn that pretty orchid into something truly amazing!

7 Top Tips to Growing Organic Vegetables at Home

Have you ever wanted to grow organic vegetables at home? Perhaps you thought it would be too complicated or expensive? Well if you follow my 7 Top Tips you will be enjoying home-grown organic vegetables in next to no time.

Practical and Efficient – The Traditional Cockerel Weathervane

Whether an icon of pagan lore or revered as a virulent fighting beast, the cock weathervane has been adorning buildings for centuries. References to a bronze cock can be found in ninth century manuscripts.

Spectacular Thoughts for Your Spring Time Garden!

Greetings friends and fellow gardeners. Recently I have been putting together ideas for sharing some new plant material with you all, and have compiled this following list of some new introductions and some old time favorites that I feel will brighten up your spring time garden. Spring time is always a great time of the year, a time for creating new ideas, a fresh start on old plans halted by the onslaught of winter and preparation of course to ready your tools and take inventory of seed selections, new plants for the garden, and anything creative to make…

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