What to Feed a Worm Bin After 20+ Days | Hint: Lots of Bedding + Food! | Red Wiggler Worm Time Lapse

What to Feed a Worm Bin After 20+ Days | Hint: Lots of Bedding + Food! | Red Wiggler Worm Time Lapse

Grapevine Disease: Identification and Prevention

If you have a grapevine, you must be prepared to experience grapevine disease. This condition, which affects your crops, is mostly fungal although there are those that may be from bacteria and viruses. As much as possible, you should try to avoid it from arising because it can be very costly, especially if it is severe.

How to Grow Plants Hydroponically From Seeds

Many hydroponic gardeners prefer to grow plants hydroponically from seedlings or cuttings taken from another plant – often from a plant grown in soil. While you can get away with this, it does introduce a whole host of problems that don’t exist when growing from seeds.

Money Saving Tips For Garden Designing

Garden designing (AKA landscape designing) is a big undertaking, and can take a great deal of time and energy. Professional Garden designers can be very expensive so you need to some serious planning before you go out and hire a professional Garden Designer. Read on for tips to save you both time and money…

5 Mistakes Homeowners Usually Make When Planting Bare-Root Roses and Fruit Trees

There are five common mistakes that are made when planting bare-root trees and shrubs that hinder the likelihood that the plant with thrive and flourish. So follow these do’s and don’ts for beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs.

Lawn/Grass Cutting

Lawn/grass cutting is a task that requires sufficient knowledge and has to be done very carefully with certain important things in mind. An attractive lawn depends upon how well it is kept. Lawn/grass cutting should be done at a height and frequency that complement the growth habit of the grass. This results in a uniform, dense turf that discourages weeds and supports the turf area’s intended use. Mowing or cutting grass to low has many adverse effects on the lawn.

Pressure Washing Attributes for a Ground Maintenance

Innovations have touched a height of excellence in every field. Whether it is cleaning or removing the paints. With the help of technological progress and acceleration in the human mind you can solve almost every problem of your life. One of the easiest ways to deal with the matter of ground maintenance is Pressure Washing.

Some Tips to Moss Control

Moss control can be done by two different process or even sometimes combining both of them. Those two available processes are physical moss control process and chemical treatment for removing mosses. Both of them have separate costs, effectiveness and possible side effects, which you need to consider while opting for any of either the two or both of them at a time.

A Resilient Garden For Unpredictable Climate, Grow Your Own If Climate Change Causes Food Shortages

Climate change could cause food shortages. Special gardening practices could provide food to get you through the crisis.

Indoor LED Grow Lights – The Smart Choice

As people become more environmentally conscious, there has been a renewed interest in urban gardening. With space at a premium, it can be difficult for a person to grow an indoor garden in a small home or apartment.

What Plants Can I Grow In My Kitchen Garden?

There is nothing more enjoyable than growing your own fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs in your garden. Kitchen gardening is very a satisfying work that can keep you occupied in doing something productive.

Hydroton – Hydroponics Systems Popular Growing Medium

No hydroponics grower should take the decision of his or her growing medium lightly. Because, while one could argue that every choice, you make in regard to your hydroponics garden will have a profound impact on the success of your garden, the hydroponics systems growing medium is arguably one of the most important. Choose a growing medium which is well suited to both, you and your plants, and your growing experience can be both high yielding and fairly easy.

Tomato Problems And Solutions – Tips For Growing Tomatoes In The Desert Southwest

Growing a great crop of homegrown tomatoes is very easy. Here are a few tips to help you with some of the problems you may encounter, splitting, lots of flowers but no fruit, what to do with leggy tomato plants and those pesky tomato horn worms.

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