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How to Plan For Your Herb Garden

Despite the fact that growing herbs in the home garden is very simple and easy, there is lots of data you should know and realize regarding herbs. Herb gardens may be developed in various methods like an inside herb garden in the kitchen or perhaps a little plot of land within the garden.

Easy To Follow Instructions When Growing Orchids

Cattleya is named after the founder William Cattley. It is known to be the queen of orchids. There are different types of Cattleya orchids namely: Aurantiaca, Bicolor, Guttata and Labiata. Each type of Cattleya has a specialty of its own. This orchid type growth range is from about 1 foot to 5 feet. Factors such as humidity, watering, soil, fertilizers, moisture and pruning play very important role in their growth. Most of the Cattleya orchids are found in the rain forests of South America, particularly in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Mexico.

Creating Your Very Own Italian Herb Garden – The 7 Essential Herbs to Use

  Imagine growing your very own Italian herbs from the comfort of your own home. You can create rustic and refined Italian dishes just like the restaurants, but without the hefty bill. Herbs such as basil, fennel, and even oregano are the perfect Italian herbs for any self-starter.

Raising Orchids in 6 Easy Steps

Do you ever wonder how to raise orchids like a professional? By following a few simple steps you can raise orchids in the comfort of your own home just like a professional nursery does.

Hebes – General Tips on How to Grow

Hebes are massively popular garden shrubs that are low growing and often typified by their evergreen leaves and beautiful flowers, which bloom in colours ranging from white to purple. Perfect for growing in shrub or mixed borders, Hebe’s will add interest and colour at different times of the year dependent on species. Smaller growing plants will grow well in containers adding permanence and this will allow you to plant seasonally with bedding plants whilst retaining some of the original display.

How to Grow and Manage Shallots

Do you want a spicy food, aromatic soup or your favorite pancit malabon of Manila and other favorite delicacies found in five star hotels and restaurants. These spicy foods are the center of attraction because of this known ingredient called shallots or spring onion that makes them appetizing to your taste. Chinese foods can’t be complete without shallots as a part of their ingredient, and mind you, Chinese delicacies are known worldwide for its excellent combination of local ingredients including shallots.

Which Is the Best Lawn Mower Type for Lawn Cutting?

So you have recently laid your garden lawn or sown it from seed, and now you want to know which is the best lawn mower to use to cut your grass. Lawn cutting needs to be done regularly to keep the grass lawn in good shape, and the right type of lawn mower needs to be used for the job.

Explaining Garden Chemicals Such As Garden Fertilizer

Garden machines are not the only aid that science has given us in the past decade. Chemicals can also help us and these are known as garden chemicals, garden fertilizer or weedkillers, etc.

The Essential 4 Steps for a Flower Garden

Flower gardens come about in distinct styles and assortments, the appeal can be interdependent to any flower gardener. As someone who takes care of a garden, knowing how to improve your flower garden can make a big variation in the treating with beauty and taste and general condition of your garden.

Avoid Orchid Issues With Simple Remedies

The common problems associated with orchids can be easily overcome. Includes tips on best placement, temperature range, watering, fertilizing and pruning.

Technique And Procedure For Re-Potting Orchids

An overview of the correct potting procedure for orchids. This includes type of potting media, equipment and potting technique.

Yellow Orchid Leaves! Could This Mean Trouble?

An investigation into the possible causes of orchid leaves turning yellow. Is it old age creeping in or could it be more sinister?

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