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Spring Lawn Care – It Must Be Done

That is usually the most difficult decision to make and it may take several weekends to get your yard back in shape and ready for the coming year. Spring is a time that may require the most work compared to other seasons but there is good reason why.

Inside Lighting For A Wonderful Garden

To ensure your indoor garden grows with success, you will need the right type of inside lighting. With so many brands to pick from, how will you know what is the best? If you are new to the world of inside gardening, you need to know what it is you should be looking for. Finding a vendor or merchant that you know you can trust is crucial. If correct ventilation is not supplied, the life of your flowers can be in danger. This is just one part of understanding the importance of what lighting can do for your garden.

What To Look For in Used Garden Tractors

Used garden tractors are a good alternative to new machines especially if you want them for simple home use. Here are a few things that you should look for in a used garden tractor. First of all, determine the kind of use that you would put your tractor to.

Trees That Can Be Grown in Wet Soils

Gardening in wet soil is generally tricky as not many plants and trees can thrive in such conditions. There are a few trees that can tolerate wet soil provided that it is not waterlogged all the time. Areas in the garden or yard that have poor drainage are often problematic but there are a few trees that do not mind getting their feet wet.

Winter Lawn Care – What You Should Know

Winter lawn care also involves a thorough clean up of the yard. The necessary winter lawn care is easy, simple and when spring arrives you will have a great start to a beautiful lawn.

Plant of the Month Clubs Are Blooming With Fun!

I have many people in my life who love to garden, keep beautiful plants inside their home and surround themselves with pretty blooms. Many people believe the key to Feng Shui is to surround yourself with foliage plants. Feng Shui literally translates into “wind” and “water”. Wind and water are the two central life forces known as “chi” in Chinese. A big part of chi is the importance of houseplants. These houseplants are more than just a plant, for people who believe in the importance of Feng Shui they are considered works of art.

Pruning in Autumn and Winter

You might wonder why we prune plants at all, after all they don’t get pruned in the wild. If we don’t prune plants, trees and shrubs they won’t die, they will just get bigger and bigger and your garden will end up looking a bit unruly. There’s nothing wrong if you like the slightly ‘wild’ untidy look. But if you do like a garden with a bit of order, then there are some pruning jobs you can get on with during autumn and winter.

How to Photograph Your Home Vegetable Garden

With smart phone in hand with a built in camera I was in heaven. I could use technology to take instant photos of my home vegetable garden and upload them online for the world to see. It is a real time snapshot of what I am growing at that moment.

Horse Manure: Natural Organic Fertilizer

If the newest member of your family is four legged and neighs it must be an equine. Finally an equine to beautify the property. But it’s amazing isn’t it? The tremendous amount of organic matter a horse can generate. Here are ideas of what to do with all that poop.

Birdwatching Secrets and Tips: Nest Boxes

There are endless ways to encourage birds into your garden but few are as fundamental as providing nest boxes. Here are some of the key things to consider when buying or building your own nest box. Following these tips should increase the chances of it being occupied either for shelter or raising nestlings.

Hydroponics for Indoor Greenhouses

Hydroponics allow plants to grow in specially nutrient rich liquid substrates. It removes the need for disease bearing soil and provides a consistent growing base for a range of plant based matter.

Indoor Greenhouses: An Introduction

Overview of indoor greenhouse kits available in the market place. The use and optimal location of differing types of indoor greenhouses.

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