Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants with Russ Cohen and Priscila Espinosa

10 Points to Ponder – Composting

The growing trend in re-cycling is composting, both domestic and commercial. Although composting has been a part of our planet’s cycle since life began and an up-surge of garden composting occurred in the 20th Century, it is only now that it has become a ‘fashion’ item with many non-gardeners and urban dwellers. They too, want to ‘do their bit’,searching out ways of composting their kitchen waste in small apartments and homes that do not necessarily have gardens. Isn’t that great?

The Aquaponic Gardening Edge

An aquaponic garden is similar to a hydroponic garden, except the aquaponics system is tied to a fish tank. The water that is circulated to the plants comes from the fish tank and then is diverted back to the fish tank to create a closed cycle. The idea of the system is to mimic the natural symbiosis between plants and animals. The primary benefit to the plants in an aquaponic garden is that the fish excrement from the fish tank provides an excellent source of nutrients for the plants when processed by microbes in the system. As a result, you no longer need to add various fertilizers to the aquaponics water supply to provide the necessary nitrites and nitrates.

Why Gardening Can Be Relaxing And Beneficial To Your Health

Gardening is a hobby that allows you to get in touch with the earth that we all came from. Gardening can also help a lot of people to get in touch with themselves, as they go through the cycle of growing plants, flowers and vegetables and spend a lot of time outdoors by themselves. Gardening need not be an expensive hobby, as it requires few basic things, besides a plot of land you can call your own. However, down the line, as gardeners become more enthusiastic, they may find themselves spending a fair bit of money getting in the latest gadgets and machinery, trying to grow exotic flowers and other things that do need you to spend some money.

Garden Tips And Advice – Pruning Roses

In Australia, July is the month that most roses are pruned although there are some exceptions to the rule. Some of the roses that have a single mass flowering in the spring months will have to wait a while.

How to Set Up the Greatest Garden Party

The ultimate guide on setting up the best garden party. Find out about how to get an stylish garden with affordable tips.

Ancient Roman Gardens and Landscaping

A brief history of landscape design and architecture. Beginning with the ancient romans spanning until modern times.

Solar Water Fountain Savings

Every year a lot more households are shopping for an outside water fountain for their backyards or gardens. Now there are choices to make between a standard water fountain that needs an electrical outlet in order to plug in the water pump, and the more modern environmentally friendly solar water fountain.

Bokashi – Kitchen Composting at Its Best

Who would have thought that one day you could just toss all your kitchen waste into a bucket in your kitchen and have it turn into something quite special? And I mean all your waste – not just the ‘allowable’ stuff, but the ‘forbidden’ stuff too.

Types of Summer Flowers

Summer flowers are one of a kind beauties. Types of summer flowers range from orange, to blue, to red, to violets, and basically every color of the rainbow.

How To Ensure The Health Of Garden Plants

Many people wonder how they can possibly keep their gardens green and fresh. It is common, particularly in the summer months, to see a dry lawn, with grass crackling underfoot. This need not be necessary, though. There are several steps that can be taken to ensure the health of a lawn or garden, ranging from the simple steps, like proper watering, to more drastic steps involving pesticides and weeding.

Some Popular Flower Types and the Meanings

Anyone who doubts the potent power of flowers has obviously never surprised a woman with a bouquet that rivals her in beauty. The priceless expression of joy on her face eclipses the sometimes steep price tag of the perfect floral arrangement.

Types of Fall Flowers

Flowers are simply wonderful. Whether as an outdoor ornament or an indoor decoration, you can never go wrong with having them around.

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