Will Compost Worms Eat Your Flower Bouquet? + How To Identify A Red Wiggler | Vermicompost Worm Farm

Will Compost Worms Eat Your Flower Bouquet? + How To Identify A Red Wiggler | Vermicompost Worm Farm

Growing a Carefree Spirit Rose

The Carefree Spirit Rose was the winner of the 2009 AARS award. Hybridized by Jacques Mouchotte, the rose is now grown throughout the United States.

Why Are My Leaves Turning Crispy Brown?

Leaves turn brown close to leaf margins and in between the veins or have dead patches in the middle. On lilies, generally the lower leaves are affected first, and when the soil is tested, it is found to be acidic. Leaf burn and leaf scorch occur when leaf cells overheat.

Flower Leaf Identification – How To Know A Flower By Its Leaf

Springtime brings about a huge variety of newly budding plants. A walk through a flower garden will reveal plants that are common and easily identified by just looking at them.

Plant Leaf Identification Guide

In order to identify a plant, there are several leaf characteristics that must be noted. First is the overall shape. Some plants’ leaves have very distinct shapes and can be used alone to identify the plant. Most, though, are similar to those from other species of plants. Therefore, more information is usually needed.

How to Water Orchids the Proper Way

How to water orchids depend on the many factors that could affect them including climate, pot size, potting medium, water temperature and watering methods to use. But one way of telling the needs to water an orchid plant is through a simple test.

Herb Patch Tools

We have to answer many questions first before we can start our very own herb patch or herb garden in our front or back yard. For example, what kind of herb plant will I grow or tend for? Where can I buy herb seeds or herb plant? What are the tools to use for an herb garden patch?

General Orchid Information

A guide to caring for orchids. Plus information on what makes them such a popular house plant.

Easy Tips For Choosing Orchid Pots

Repotting an orchid is one of the basic requirements in order for this plant to grow and thrive. Knowing the correct orchid pot type to use is critical for your plants growth or beauty. Here are some easy tips for choosing the right orchid pot.

Six Guidelines For Choosing the Right Plants For Your Orchid Garden

Information on the various types of orchid. Essential tips and guidelines for choosing the right orchids for your garden.

Basic Orchid Info

Orchids are a favorite houseplant. There are thousands of different species in the orchid family and even more hybrids. Contrary to popular belief they are not difficult to grow if you know how to properly water, fertilize and give them the right amount of light and air.

My Most Successful Homemade Hydroponic System

There is no need to buy an expensive hydroponic system to have great results. After many years of trial and error, this is my most successful homemade hydroponic system.

Astounding Orchid Information – Secrets of Success!

Orchids have become the perennial favourites when it comes to growing house plants. Many believe that they are too complicated an organism with many special requirements to successfully propagate in the home environment. This belief is incorrect however, there are certain types of orchids that are fairly easy to grow and you don’t need to be an expert as long as you choose the type of orchid most suitable for novice gardeners.

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