Worm Bin #2 Drying it out 9/8/2021

Worm Bin #2 Drying it out 9/8/2021

Cold-Hardy Canadian Wild Ginger

Ornamental ginger is a shade-loving perennial. Growing just 6 to 12-inches high, it is a good choice for a border plant in a woodland shade garden.

Transplant a Potted Kalanchoe When It Stops Blooming

Kalanchoe will not survive outdoors in nearly all parts of the U.S. They are commonly sold as indoor blooming plants in temperate zones, because their flowers last a long time, up to several months.

Rosemary – Grown In Your Organic Garden

Rosemary is an herb that can add beauty as an ornamental plant, along with being a culinary seasoning, and has an aromatic quality that will add a delightful fragrance for you to enjoy. This aromatic herb that is a member of the mint family (Labiatae), and very easy to grow. Rosmarinus officinalis, means “dew of the sea”, is the Latin name for rosemary.

Organic Gardening: Getting Started

This article includes simple steps to creating your own organic garden. There are five basic ideas needed for an organic garden, a garden free from any potentially harmful chemicals, preservatives or colorings. In this article, we will focus on the first three.

What Is an Herb Versus a Spice?

Cooking is one of those daily things we do without thinking. But a really great meal is something that brings people together. The perfect flavor on that perfect plate of chicken can make or break the mood. A little spice in life certainly makes it worth living. Those of us who are a little more amateur when it comes to cooking may be a little ignorant when it comes to specific technical terms. For example, what is an herb versus a spice? Most of us might say that they are the same thing, and continue on without a blink. But for those of you that would like to understand a little more about those things you use to flavor every meal, let us explain just a little bit further.

Orchids – Types and Other Orchid Basics

Orchid types, genera, species and hybrids explained. Also includes an overview of existing fragrances, shapes, colors and other distinct characteristics.

Starting A Residential Landscaping Business: Tips That Will Help

Beginning a residential landscaping business is a huge action to consider and at least with a few recommendations you could be on your way more easily. There are actually merely a few important measures that must be used for this to happen.

Bethlehem Olive Wood Work

When we refer to wood, we talk about the olive wood of Bethlehem. As they get locally cultivated in this place one gets the finest quality of the wood from this region.

Orchid Planting 101: Where Do Orchids Grow?

Should you wish to start out taking care of orchids, then the first job that you ought to be mindful of is the locations where they actually grow. This is the most effective way for you to recognize the type of atmosphere they are in need of and the best place to enable them to grow properly.

How a Garden Beautifies Land

What comes to your mind when you see a beautiful yard? A flower garden can really beautify the world around. When you see beautiful flowers you just can’t help but smile.

Home and Gardening Flower Box and Other Accents

Hanging baskets are normally plain and we just have to develop the flowering plant that goes well with it. Mostly bountiful flowering plants are used for hanging baskets such as supertunias, sunsatias, and kalanchoe.

The Benefits Of Making Raised Garden Beds To Grow Vegetables In Your Garden

Gardening is a satisfying activity that provides a lifetime of benefits. Gardening is a fantastic outdoor activity and it can also be a huge learning experience, You will find that gardening is a great way to expand your social circle. By renting an allotment you will find that you will meet lots of likeminded people.

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