How LED Plant Lights Help Nurture An Indoor Herb Garden

NASA astronauts are perhaps the best endorsers for LED plant lights. They used light emitting diodes (LED) for growing plants in space because this type of lighting system uses less energy, lasts longer, and emits focused, selected light important to plants. Interestingly, such qualities that make LED ideal for spacemen to grow plants are also applicable when growing plants indoors, right at your own apartment.

LED Plant Lights – A Bright Idea for Gardens

You may have a green thumb, but did you know that your plants need red and blue lights to fruit and bloom to their full potential? To give your plants the right kind of color wavelengths they need in order to thrive, LED plant lights are your best solution. This modern garden provides energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly benefits as well.

7 Essential Tips On How to Grow Orchids

Orchids usually grow in wild forests, hence they need special care and maintenance. If you’re wondering how you can take care of an orchid at home, well you just need to learn the basics first. Here is some useful information which can guide you in learning how to grow orchids at home.

Advantages of Hydroponic Systems

Proper diet is very important to sustain a healthy living. Even in a busy and hectic schedule, you always take time to eat your lunch or grab a simple snack. Nowadays, getting food is a lot faster, though it may be expensive sometimes, but it for sure worth every penny. We all want to eat healthy food that gives us energy do to out daily task. But have you ever wonder what is it on that food? How it is made and what was is it made of?

Art of Bonsai

The art of bonsai originated in ancient China and has been further developed in Japanese cultures. During the 13th century, wild trees that become naturally dwarfed were collected and then potted by the Japanese. These miniature trees were the initial bonsai. Once the supply of the small trees fell short to the demand, the gardeners in Japan started to culture the trees that were native to the land. The trees were then shaped in order to give them an aged look. In contrast to Japanese bonsai, the American art of the culturing the trees was much freer in style and concept.

The Benefits of Growing Container Tomatoes

I know you love tomatoes. You wouldn’t be reading this if you’re not interested in tomatoes. Tomatoes are one of the most popular fruit eaten raw or cooked. Because of its versatility, there are thousands of home growers of tomatoes. Some have a great big garden for their tomato plants, while others enjoy their small tomato garden indoors. Tomatoes can grow directly in the ground and are also capable of growing and yielding more fruits in a container. Let’s explore the benefits of growing container tomatoes.

Orchid Propagation: The Easy Way To Divide One Orchid Into 2 Or More!

Orchid propagation is a technique used to grow your own orchids, using the plants you already have. There are six different methods of propagation, but the division method is one of the easiest for home gardeners.

Home Vegetable Gardens – Start Now for a Healthy Harvest

Having your own home vegetable garden has many benefits. It may take some work but don’t be disheartened because nothing compares to the benefits it will give. Planting your own vegetable garden can give lots of healthy food for your table.

A Do It Yourself Garden Shed Plan

If gardening is your hobby then you probably have been interested in a garden shed for some time now. Now is your time to build an efficient structure like a greenhouse or a garden shed.

Orchid Lights: How To Grow Orchids Without Sunlight!

If you want to grow orchids, the first thing you need to know when you’re buying your orchid is what type of care it requires. If you don’t have enough natural sunlight in your house or garden, then you may have to consider purchasing orchid lights. When you buy your plant from the garden center, ask the salesperson the following questions: How much sunlight does it need?

How to Grow Grape Vines From Green or Softwood Cuttings

Nowadays, most grapes are grown from cuttings. If you grow these plants from cuttings, you will find it easier than getting started from grape seeds. You can start from dormant or green cuttings. Although dormant is the more commonly used than green cuttings, green cuttings are used for grape variety that don’s root well when using the dormant cuttings.

How To Water Orchids: 3 Top Tips!

The good news is orchids are surprisingly easy to grow if you know how to care for them correctly. Here are 3 top tips on how to water orchids.

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