Worm Bin Cabbage Experiment Day 1 Red Wigglers in Toilet Paper Roll & Mango Seed Update Vermicompost

Worm Bin Cabbage Experiment Day 1 Red Wigglers in Toilet Paper Roll & Mango Seed Update Vermicompost

All the Good Bugs in Your Garden

A common reaction to seeing a bug in the garden is to either squish it or grab the insecticide and start spraying. However, many insects are beneficial rather than detrimental, so make sure to identify who dwells in your garden before you squish and spray.

A Great Way to Save Time and Money Gardening

This year I have had the best, most productive and easiest to care for Garden EVER. I have never seen this.

Watering Orchids Shouldn’t Be a Chore

Our houseplants seem to be forgotten and not watered half the time, for one reason or another. When we do remember, we tend to overwater in the attempt to compensate for our error. Does this make it better? No, and watering an orchid simply cannot be forgotten.

Microbes Gone Wrong – The Stink on Compost

Ever wonder what makes garden composting bins stink? The chemical breakdown of bio – organic material by microbes gone wrong causes the foul odor.

Busting the Grub Control Myth – How to Get Rid of Moles

I was looking at mole traps in the garden center of a big-box home improvement store when a friendly clerk offered advise. “Moles are in your yard because you have a lot of grubs. The best way to get rid of them is to apply insecticide for grub control.”

Controlling a Greenhouse Environment

Once you have put up your greenhouse, it is time to make it do what it was intended to do – foster the rapid and healthy growth of the plants inside it. The strength of a greenhouse lies in the ability to control the climactic conditions inside.

Greenhouse Design

Most people have a particular image in mind when they think about a greenhouse. The reality though is that greenhouses come in a wide range of shapes and forms. Greenhouses also differ in terms of the materials used to construct them.

Keeping Your Greenhouse Pest Free

A greenhouse can revolutionize your gardening allowing you to realize greater productivity than you would with open air gardening. With a greenhouse, you are assured of consistent conditions year in year out with no or minimal dependency on the climactic conditions outside. But simply erecting a greenhouse is no assurance of trouble-free plant growth – appropriate measures are necessary to ensure that optimum conditions are maintained.

Prepare Your Winter Wildlife Garden

There are an astronomical number of tasks in the garden as winter approaches. As the growing season nears its end it’s time to harvest in the vegetable garden and allotment, clear beds out of their summer growth, and pile on the manure for the following season. There’s even a bit of sowing to be done, and you can start popping in broad beans, onions and garlic at this time of the year. Meanwhile, in my own ornamental garden life is in full swing and there’s still plenty of flowers. However, with cold weather looming and leaves starting to pile up, it’s vital to get out and do a garden cleanup. But, whilst we’re chopping and trimming and composting, try and remember that wildlife also need a little help during this season.

Feeding Garden Birds in Winter

As the nights start to draw in and temperatures drop, spare a thought for our feathered friends. Here are some suggestions on feeding your garden birds during the Winter months – what to feed them, how to do it and suggestions on types of bird feeders.

Why Is a Greenhouse Better Than a Garden?

When you think of a greenhouse, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For most people, a green house is a glass structure used to grow crops in locations where the prevailing weather may not be favorable. That is true. But there are several other interesting facts on greenhouses:

Planting Suggestions for Autumn Outdoor Container Displays

There is no need for your garden to shut itself down for Winter. Once the leaves fall from the trees and your curtains are drawn earlier, your garden can still display a wealth of colourful plants that will see you through the Winter months. Use existing containers and pots, as well as hanging baskets to create a colourful display of Winter flowering plants.

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