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Tips on Getting Ready For Gardening Season

If you own a garden, you might agree that the climate usually controls what you plant and when. While this sentiment might be shared by many, many garden owners are usually caught unprepared. They therefore end up planting and getting little or no yields at all.

Window Boxes – One Way to Make a Beautiful Garden

Indeed, nothing put a prettier face on a house than a gorgeous window box – and no form of gardening is so accessible to beginner and expert alike, to homeowners and apartment dweller. Even to those who don’t have a window of their own, window boxes can flourish, stairways, even on concrete floors.

City Rooftop Gardens

Growing gardens for pleasure or food on rooftops is an increasingly popular thing to do for several great reasons. One of these is, of course, the joy and need for people to want to grow their own food as the number of meat-raising plants across the world increase and the number of vegetable-growing plants decrease, according to the Planning Cities as if Food Mattered project. Another huge reason that green roofing is becoming ever more popular is that of the increased global warming and consequently increased flood/droughts in places where crop growth is vitally important.

How to Prepare Peas for Planting

It’s that time of year again when spring gardens are being prepared for planting. But what do you do when you’re brand new to vegetable gardening and want to have peas this spring? Planting peas is an easy — and rewarding – task but there are a few things you’ll need to do before you plant.

Organic Gardening and Pest Control

With the growing awareness of “green” issues all over the world, the idea of organic gardening is really gaining traction. Using more natural methods of planting, growing, and harvesting, using fewer (or no) chemicals, getting away from the monopolistic mass production of food that tends to make it both tasteless and vulnerable – people are becoming more and more interested in “eating organic.”

Are Your Orchids in the Right Pots?

Orchids must be potted into appropriate pots that meet their watering requirements. Orchids that need to dry out before the next watering are suitable for clay pots. Other orchids may need a consistent retention of moisture in the medium so are best placed in plastic pots.

Food4Wealth Review – Raise Bountiful Organic Backyard Gardens

The economy is recovering from its recent fall due to the financial crisis. Employment rates are also increasing. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that many people are still left wishing for their ability to be self-sufficient.

Spring and Autumn Gardening Tips

Spring has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere and the leaves have started to fall in the Southern Hemisphere, so those seasonal chores need to be done and it’s time to review some spring and autumn gardening tips. These tips are based on a temperate climate, so if you live in a different zone, just adjust timing accordingly.

Starting a Garden of Your Very Own

Have you ever bought a flower, taken it home and thought to yourself “I should grow these myself”? How often do you buy fruits and vegetables and think to yourself “I should grow my own produce because it will taste better and save me money”?

Garden Planters Anticipating Greener Times Ahead!

Gardening requires lots of water – most of it in the form of perspiration. – Lou Erickson. Interior decorators vouch for it and nature lovers just can’t stop adoring them. Garden planters are one of the most impressive way to add a certain grace to your home or office.

How to Grow Your Own Dill

The first tip on how to grow your own dill is to plant the seeds in cool weather. You can plant a couple of weeks before the last hard frost of the year. If you want to have a continual harvest later on, you should continue to plant every ten days from mid spring to early summer. If you decide to plant in containers, they need to be deep because the roots are long. The plants also can grow to be about three feet tall, so that should be taken into consideration when choosing your location.

How to Grow Tomatoes

So you’ve decided to grow tomatoes this year. First you have to decide if you are going to grow the tomatoes from seeds or buy plants. If you decide to sow the seeds yourself you now need to decide what variety you want to grow such as: beef (big fat any juicy), normal standard tomatoes or baby/cherry tomatoes.

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