The Right Way Of Transplanting Bamboo Plant

All bamboo plant owners are faced with situations wherein they are looking for proper ways of transplanting bamboo. This seemingly simple task could well turn out to be a decision which can possibly affect the growth of your bamboo plant. It requires skill and knowledge to maintain the health and growth of Bamboo while properly transplanting it. And we intent to show you exactly how to do that in few easy steps.

The Numerous Uses Of Arrow Bamboo Plants

Pseudosasa Japonica, aka Arrow bamboo is a fantastic bamboo plant that is indigenous to South Korea and Japan. It has many uses and shows us why bamboo is such an amazing and practical plant to own.

The Various Bamboo Types and Their Growth Patterns

As a seasoned bamboo expert, I know for a fact that there are immense bamboo types available throughout the world. Scientifically, there are known to exists over 1200 different types of the plant, and its scientific name is Gramineae bambusinae. The main identifying element or characteristics for differentiating amongst all these varieties is its flower. Let us discuss the growth pattern involved in various plant type.

Braided Bamboo Plants And Their Feng-Shui Implementation

One of the lesser known yet very useful types of lucky bamboo is the braided bamboo plant. Both plants are used in Feng-Shui practice, however not all people know how to bring the maximum positive benefits from their usage.

Best Practices Involved In Caring For Bamboo Plant

Caring for bamboo plants is something you would have to know well in advance before you begin to grow the plant indoor. In this article I intend to show you exactly how to do that, with focus being mostly on outdoor plants. However, this is equally relevant and applicable for indoor bamboo plants also. We are going to cover the watering, fertilizer and other routine activities in detail.

What You Should Know About Lucky Bamboo Plant

This article would focus on outlining some useful methods regarding lucky bamboo plant and how to use it within a home. Such a type of plant has some relation to the art of Feng Shui also. It is believed that this plant brings the balance of basic universal elements into both your life as well as into your home.

How To Kill Bamboo Plant Safely?

There are many instances where one would like to know how to kill bamboo smoothly. Perhaps they just don’t want the plant they once planted in their garden anymore. Or in some cases the growth of these bamboo has gone out of control, and as a result they are looking to get rid of the excess growth. The good news is that irrespective of whatever the reasons is, it is very much possible to remove bamboo effectively.

Reservoir Monitoring and Maintenance

Indoor gardeners should closely observe what’s happening in their reservoirs in order for their plants to do as well as possible. By paying attention to nutrient levels, you can feed your plants properly and can maximize nutrients available for uptake. Close monitoring guarantees you won’t overfeed or underfeed your plants.

Why You Need to Use Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

There are plenty of reasons why you should use heirloom vegetable seeds as opposed to hybrid types or those that are genetically altered. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to gardening or have been doing it for a very long time, either. You will be much happier with the vegetables that you can grow when you use the heirloom types.

How to Start an Herb Container Garden

A tasty addition to just about any meal, herbs are extremely easy to grow at home. In fact, if you have no backyard, be excited because herbs are ideally suited to container gardening.

Electric Garden Tillers – A Review For The Home Gardener

Why is an electric powered garden tiller is an excellent option for any garden enthusiast? We will examine just a few of the many reasons.

Orchid Plant Care – Simple When You Know How

Firstly, it is essential that you grow the proper orchid for your home environment. This is where many orchid growers make a mistake. If you want to make orchid plant care less of a chore and more enjoyable, the first course of action is to ascertain precisely where the orchid you’re interested in growing originated.

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