Worm Chow Only Worms- Need to Bulk them Up!

Worm Chow Only Worms- Need to Bulk them Up!

12 Tips to Help You Succeed With Your Natural Garden

An organic garden is one of the healthiest ways to bring fresh food into your home. The differences between the foods that are grown in an organic garden versus a ‘regular’ garden are astronomical! Here are 12 tips that should help you succeed with your new garden.

Four Composting and Yard Care Alternatives

When it comes to your yard’s maintenance, composting can also come in real handy with the whole process. So to learn more on this, read on below the four Composting and Yard Care Alternatives to a healthier yard. You should know that the soil in your yard is full of life.

Create Your Own Compost Tumbler

Interested in harvesting some good compost in just a matter of 2 weeks? It can be done. You can even achieve some finished compost in a matter of 14 days, just by using a compost tumbler. Tumblers for composting can be easily purchased, or can be constructed at home (using only basic materials). Either way, making use of a handy compost tumbler will work wonders since it’s very eco-friendly and inexpensive to maintain.

Grow Vegetables in Your Country Garden

Gardening may seem like a hobby for people who have little else better to do on the surface but, there are many joys to growing a vegetable garden. First of all, you’ll save money on your grocery bill. You’ll also save money driving to the grocery store and back to stock up on fresh vegetables. At the end of the growing season you’re going to freeze or can your surplus vegetables so that you will enjoy the fruits of your labor year round.

Trouble Free Organic Rose Gardening

The popularity of Organic rose gardening has been augmented to the rose fanatic since then. Before the synthetic chemicals has been invented lot of people have succeeded raising dazzling garden roses.

Growing Healthy Tomatoes – How to Grow Tomatoes From Seeds

Majority of growers you encounter will tell you they grow tomatoes from seedlings- not seeds. Although a lot of people aren’t confident enough to grow from seeds, but it is rewarding and a more challenging alternative.

How to Use Rockwool Slabs

One option for indoor gardeners whose plants are in small rockwool cubes is to transplant them to slabs which allow for a larger root structure. To begin, rockwool is my favorite grow medium. I’ve tried coco with great results and I have friends that prefer it. However, rockwool is easy to use, not messy, and my plants have always turned out awesome.

Materials For a Herb Bed

When you buy materials for your herb bed or garden, right there and then, you will familiarize yourself with all the things pertaining to herbs. You will know about the right kind of soil to use for your herbs; you will know about herb plants that do good if it starts from seeds; you will know and learn more about herb planting.

How to Grow in a Greenhouse During Winter

Many people assume in the winter months that greenhouse growing is off limits, but this is simply not true. There are certainly ways you can have a blossoming greenhouse even during the winter months. Of course, it does require a specific greenhouse or you can choose to grow cool weather plants that do well in the winter months.

Hosta Sieboldiana

Hosta sieboldiana is a great species of Hosta. This plant has been integral in the breeding of a wide variety of Hosta plants. Many of the blues, greens, variegated, and gold Hostas owe their existence to this species.

How to Water Your Orchids So You Don’t Kill Them

Knowing how to properly water orchids is something that you will need to consider, because many of them are special kinds that require special care. Watering your orchids too much can be just as dangerous for them as not watering them enough.

Keeping Animals Out of Your Garden With Homemade Habanero Pepper Spray

I love to garden and unfortunately there are a LOT of squirrels in my area. In past years when I’ve left my garden unprotected, they have caused a significant amount of damage. They are especially fond of tomatoes and I have found half-eaten tomatoes in my yard, on the ground and even still on the vine with teeth-marks in them. It’s very aggravating. For other home gardeners who have had similar problems, I wanted to share my experience with a homemade habanero pepper spray and other methods I’ve used to protect my garden from squirrels and other uninvited guests.

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