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Time to Enhance Your Garden

Is now the time to change your garden or maybe add a new element to it. The goal is to enhance your garden and its decor without breaking the bank. We are going to look at a few alternatives you could add to make your garden a special one.

Mail Order Plants: What Are You Really Getting?

You can successfully buy mail order plants, but you have to pay attention to a few details first. When you order plants online or through the mail there are a few things you have to do to make sure you get what you want, and that the bulbs, seedlings, trees or shrubs are healthy.

Growing Vegetables Indoors: Tips for Year Round Food Production

Why would anyone want to grow vegetables indoors? Well, many people don’t own any ground outdoors. Living in an apartment without a patio or balcony may limit you to what you can grow in your windowsills. But even if you have a large garden, growing indoors is still great to provide some fresh vegetables during the winter months.

Top 4 Ways To Grow Plants

The Four ways to growing healthy plants using some of the oldest and newest grow mediums. A must read if you are starting an indoor garden.

Does Aquaponics Really Work? A Brief Explanation Of Aquaponics Systems

The simple answer is yes it certainly does. A well set up Aquaponics system will grow tasty food in half the time of a similar hydroponics set up.

Preventing Disease and Controlling Your Garden

Plant diseases can destroy your garden. You must be able to identify and figure out when diseases are present in your garden. There are organisms that can destroy your plants if you aren’t careful.

Compost Pail – What Everyone Should Know About Choosing a Compost Pail for Their Kitchen

If you are wondering why you would need a compost pail in the first place, the reason is very simple. For people like us who are very conscious as far as our garden and its maintenance goes, a compost pail inside the home is quite a necessity. If you already have a compost tumbler or a spinning composter in your garden where you collect all the organic material from your neighborhood and your home and dump into then a compost pail is surely an addition that you will need to purchase for inside the home.

What to Plant in March: Garden Planning Calendar

What to do when in your garden? Here are answers on what to plant in March, when to prune, when to fertilize (and what) and additional March gardening information.

How I Germinate Seeds

It is another growing season and the first thing is to germinate your seeds. Read on to see how I germinate my seeds.

Corporate Flora and the Lumberjacks of Fortune

Fellow horticulturalists, congratulations are in order. Caroline Spelman, the environmental secretary for the House of Commons last week released an apology to members of parliament.

Garden Soil Mix

Keep it simple. Some gardeners believe that every type of plant requires a special soil mix and like to work out complicated mixes of five or six ingredients. A simple combination of peat moss and vermiculite, or perlite, or fine sand, can be used with almost all types of plants, from cacti to tropicals.

Easy to Follow Tips for Your Winter Garden

If you are one among those nature lovers you will sometimes realize that winter season is not the best time of the year for you. I bet being cooped up inside the confines of your homes makes you giddy and restless. However, to those who are sensitive to cold hate this season. But if you are one of those keen gardeners, you’ll be busy working on your winter gardens.

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