Worm Compost Bin Without using GRIT

Worm Compost Bin Without using GRIT

Harvesting Worms and Capsules – Packing Vermicast for Sale Or Transport

Once you have sorted the worms and capsules from the breeding and growing boxes you will be left with a potentially large amount of worm castings which are ready to use or sell for a large variety of uses. Worm castings (or vermicast) can be used as a soil conditioner, solid or liquid fertiliser, potting mix filler and feeder, top soil or topsoil additive, and a host of other purposes.

Harvesting Worms and Capsules – Packing Worms for Sale Or Transport

Worms are fairly resilient animals and will handle transportation conditions generally well. This of course, depends on ensuring correct packing and short term storage conditions.

The Benefits of Work Farming – For Home Gardeners

Worm farming has many benefits to the home gardener. The benefits worms have to the soil is well known and this is a vital part in building soil up over time.

Be More Organic and Save Money

It is possible to be more organic and save money, plus not have to give up your favorite plants. Consider capturing the rain – in barrels or even better a rainwater tank. In addition store grey water and recycle it into the garden.

Setting Up a Worm Farm – Ensuring Regular Food Supply

When planning to set up a new worm farm of any size whether it be for domestic purposes or as a business venture the most important consideration is to ensure you have a sustainable supply of food for your worms to eat. Obviously the larger the worm farm the greater the demand for feed.

The Reason Why You Need to Have a Garden Obelisk

Garden obelisk gives a sense of attractiveness in every garden. It’s perfect for flowers beds and can be put anywhere to match the requirement of its owner. In this article, we will check out some of the different aim of an Obelisk.

The Hanging Gardens Of The Future

This article speaks about the concept of hanging gardens in modern times. Through Aeroponics, this has not only become a possibility but is also a convenient way to maintain a kitchen garden. It is easy to maintain and does not creates any mess as soil is not needed for the support of plants. No digging or planting is needed, just spray the nutrients and the plants will grow.

Organic Gardening – How to Build Up Healthy, Fertile Soil Without Costing a Fortune

Healthy fertile soil is the kind of soil which basically is able to support life. Soil is a term that is used as a description for garden life and agriculture. Generally, fertile soil is nutrient-rich which is necessary for the basic nutrition of plants including potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. Healthy soul needs to have trace elements and sufficient minerals for growing plants and this includes zinc, sulfur, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, cobalt and chlorine.

How To Use Your Herbs

It’s Harvest time. Your garden of herbs has really taken off and grown healthy and strong plants. Now that you have successfully grown your herbs, what to do with them? Take snippets of fresh herbs as you need them for cooking, adding to salads, pesto and dips. They taste so good you will wonder how you managed without them.

Getting Your Yard Ready for Winter

If you want a beautiful yard next spring you need to do some work in the fall. Find out what garden chores are a must for a healthy yard year round.

Two Simple Methods for Grouping Orchid Types

With so many varieties of orchids available with thousands of species and hybrids it can make it a little daunting to get to grips with. Here are two ways to group orchids and simplify the learning process.

Orchids for Weddings – The 5 Most Popular Species

When it comes to selecting orchids for weddings, you wonder which will be best. By knowing the five most popular species and the traits they bring to a wedding, you can put your best foot forward in planning your wedding with this exotic flower.

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