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Should Hanging Baskets Be Banned?

Hanging baskets decorate houses, streets, pubs and public buildings throughout the UK and are popular in other countries such as the US and Canada. However, with the growing focus health and safety and risks of hanging baskets falling on passers by this article asks should hanging baskets be banned?

Potting Orchids – A Look Into Basket Pots

Pots are the number one requirement for potting orchids and there a lot of pots to choose from. It is a bit surprising but some of the very popular type of orchid pots aren’t pot but baskets. Orchids like the Vandana are typically grown in wooden baskets. These baskets come in a lot of shapes and sizes and the materials that they are made from are very diverse. They’re very popular among orchid growers especially those that prefer to grow orchids that thrive on super aerated conditions.

Purple Rose Flower – The Variations Available and Their Significances

Roses have been used since time immemorial to express love, affection and adoration for a person. There are various colors available in roses and each color has its own significance.

How to Exercise Your Way Through Gardening

We are all procrastinators as far as exercising is concerned but if we take a different approach to how we can exercise while doing something we love, why not give in with abandon? Walking: mow the lawn and count your steps. You will be surprised at how many steps you take while you are mowing the lawn.

Growing Concord Grapes Is Easier Because They Are Hardier

In growing concord grapes you need to follow the basic rules of growing any other type of grapevine. The beauty of this vine, however, is that its very resilient and robust. It derived its name from the town of Concord which lies in the state of Massachusetts in America. A delicious table grape it has become so popular that its now grown in almost entire state in the USA.

Composting Basics – What You Need To Know To Get Started

Composting helps returning all the necessary nutrients back to the soil. There are three different types of composting. These include backyard composting, worm composting and grass cycling.

The Best Garden Hose Reels To Fit Your Needs

Not only are garden hose reels very practical, but they can also improve the look of your yard. Learn more about the different types of hose reels available and find out which is most versatile.

Fall Garden Tasks Yield Spring Simplicity and Summer Bounty

In the Spring, we are often anxious to get a new garden in the ground that will come out healthy and bounteous. However, it is the Fall garden tasks that are often the most important to get those wonderful and bounteous crops.

The Correct Time To Harvest Fast Growing Plants Grown Indoors

A question I am asked mostly is “when should you harvest fast growing plants that are from growing indoors, in grow rooms, tents or cabinets?” The answer is one that only the grower will be in a position to answer as only he or she can see the ‘tell tale’ pointers to look out for.

Fall Garden Tasks to Keep Out Garden Diseases

There are some fall garden tasks that are critical to maintaining a healthy garden. Disinfecting equipment is probably one of the most important but least completed fall garden tasks.

Organic in the Garden – Annual Colour In The Poorest of Soils

Annuals are usually heavy eaters and consume a lot of nutrient from the soil in their short growth cycle. Much of this nutrient is returned to the soil when the plant dies and decays.

Erica – Simple Instructions on Growing Lucky Heather

Erica, commonly known as Heather, remain ever popular with gardeners to this day and make for excellent additions to containers or the garden. Heathers flower in a range of colours from white to magenta and act as an essential source of honey for bees, butterflies and other insects. Plants can be used as groundcover or as single specimens and typically enjoy an acidic soil.

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