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Indoor Plants That Do Not Require Sunlight

Sunlight is important for plants as they use it for photosynthesis to produce food. Hence, all plants need some amount of sunlight and there are no plants that can grow without sunlight. However, there are definitely plants that require less sunlight compared to others. And, these are the plants that flourish indoors. Also, some of these indoor plants cannot stand direct sunlight.

The Best Time To Water Your Lawn

Having a lush green lawn is every gardener’s dream. However, it takes work and time to get a great looking lawn. Besides weeding and feeding your lawn, you also need to worry about watering it. A lawn can survive without water for about 10 to 12 days and then the grass begins to wilt and the blades start turning yellow and brown. Usually, when it comes to watering the lawn, people pick any time of the day to do it. This can cause more harm than good to the grass. That is why you need to know when is it the best time to water your lawn.

Finishing Touches For The Garden

Once your garden is planted up and landscaped as you want it, there are some finishing touches and accessories that you may want to add. From furniture to lighting, the choice is yours.

How to Take Care of Roses

Poems have been written about the beauty of roses; and they symbolize eternal love. With their sweet fragrance, roses are flowers that practically all home gardens endeavor to grow. Having roses of different colors to beautify a garden is no mean task and requires some amount of effort. Here are some basic rose care tips.

Hydroponics and Aeroponics Systems Temperature

Keep your hydro garden cool, and stress free. Regulating the temperature of your indoor garden is a must for happy plants. Read this article to find out how to control the temperature of your hydro garden, and reduce plant stress.

Indoor Gardening – Nutrients for Newbs Part 1: Plant Nutrition

Organic? Conventional? Hydro? Coco? One part, two part, three part systems? Supplements, amendments, inoculants? If you’re new to indoor gardening, the sea of nutrient brands and options can make choosing the right one seem very overwhelming. In part one of this article, I’ll be explaining plant nutrition and how nutrients are used by your plants, and along the way hopefully help you with your decision.

Finding the Best Deal on Plants

Now that spring is upon us and it is time to plant, you will need some stock to plant. This is the time to go to your local nurseries and your local discount houses plus any hardware stores that carry plants and find the best deal you can. You will want to start this process early.

Tips for Growing Orchids

Many people love to grow orchids in their gardens or lawn. This plant species is believed to be the 2nd largest family of the flowering plants. Its family includes a number of sub species such as Vanilla, Orchis, Phalaenopsis, Cattleya etc.

Window Planters – Setting Your Home at Its Best

Giving life and beauty inside and out of your home can be as easy as putting in it some decorative features like window planters. Window planters are a great way to set your home in its full elegance. They accentuate natural beauty and color to any place of your home. They can actually be built and customized by yourself and are relatively cheap to purchase. They are the latest mode in container gardening which defy the problem of having a small or very limited space to create a garden. They can be classified in two types: indoor and outdoor window planters.

Growing Tulip Flowers

How to grow tulips Tulips are one of the most attractive flowers and also one of the easiest to grow, making them a very popular flower amongst home growers. Tulips grow from bulbs, and the best time for them to bloom is of course in the spring. This means they must be planted in the autumn time.

How to Arrange Flowers in a Tall (Tower) Vase

There are many different types of tall vase but here we are concerned with “tower” vases. This is a specific type of tall vase which is a long, thin cylinder, usually at least a foot tall, sometimes as much as two or even three feet tall, and which comes in a variety of different coloured glasses and styles. Tower vases are good for putting in places where people gather and talk – for example at a dinner table or hotel reception area.

How to Get Rid Of Voles – Tips To Rid Your Garden Of Voles

Voles cause damage in many gardens. These 5 tips will help you learn how to get rid of voles in the garden.

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