BARS, gyms, and pools are some of the most likely places to catch coronavirus – but grocery stores and gas stations are much safer, experts say.

COVID-19 cases are rising in nearly half the states in the US, a concerning trend as restrictions continue to get loosened all over the country.


Working out at the gym is not advisable during the coronavirus pandemicCredit: Getty Images – Getty


Going to the grocery store is fairly safe – if you are carefulCredit: Getty Images – Getty

People should continue to be careful about where they go and choose wisely, according to health officials.

“Until we have a vaccine, we are going to have to move forward with risk reduction strategies,” Dr Matthew Sims, an infectious disease expert, told MLive.

“Because you can’t keep the economy on hold forever, you can’t keep peoples’ lives on hold forever.”

The Michigan news outlet found that going to bars, concerts, sports arenas, pools and gyms is risky, especially for those people in vulnerable groups, such as the chronically ill and the elderly.

However, experts note that those venues are only vulnerable if someone has the virus.


Going to a bar is not recommendedCredit: Getty Images – Getty


It is hard to take precautions and social distance while swimming in a public poolCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Tennis is one of the safest sports to play during the pandemic – but not if one of the participants is infected.

Bars and “large” music concerts scored the highest risk score in the MLive survey.

“After a couple of drinks, they’re starting to feel a little more invincible,” Dr Nasir Husain told MLive.

“And that’s when the trouble starts.”

You can also stay out of trouble to listening to CDs – attending a concert would not be wise.

“Singing is a really effective way of spreading the virus,” Dr Mimi Emig told MLive.


Getting gas should be safe for most people


It’s hard to avoid crowds at barsCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Attending church is also not encouraged – especially when that includes singing.
Gyms are tough because it might be difficult to wear a mask while working out – and social distancing could be a challenge.

Swimming in public pools is not swimming with sharks, but it is putting yourself in peril.

“There’s no way to make it safe,” Emig told MLive.

“How are you going to wear your mask in the pool?”


If you go to the gym, it is important to social distanceCredit: Getty Images – Getty


A shopper dons a mask at a grocery storeCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Said Dr Husain: “We don’t have good data to show how the virus would behave in a pool.”

“Pool water does have chlorine in it, but I don’t think it’s high enough to be very effective in completely reducing risk to zero.”

Parents should be advised that taking their kids to the playground is not encouraged.

“Kids tend to touch their mouth or cough or sneeze on surfaces,” Dr Dennis Cunningham told MLive.

“You can’t make little kids separate by 6 feet – it’s just not the way they work.

“I’m not a big fan of playgrounds right now.”

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However, getting gas for your vehicle presents little risk for motorists – even though hand sanitizer is recommended.

Grocery stores are also taking many precautions, but shoppers should make sure to wear their masks.

More than two million people in the US have been infected with coronavirus.

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